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"I think there's a bulb out."

Being a big fan of the old Marvel Cinematic Universe or whatever they’re calling it, I was super excited about Agents of SHIELD, and was commensurately disappointed when the first couple of episodes failed to hold my interest. Having a heavy TV schedule as it is, I do not watch things that don’t grab me, however much I love their origins, and we removed it from the FT calendar.

Last Friday, however, I popped off to see Catpain* America 2 which I really enjoyed (I loved the central idea – so thrilling!) and as I needed to find something in which to drown my own private sorrows, and having heard that Agents of SHIELD improved in later episodes, I decided to try it again, not least because I really, really wanted to see what they were going to do in the light of Catpain** America 2’s events. I ended up watching episodes 10-15, then backtracking a bit, then watching ep 16 this week (OMG).

You know what? I really enjoyed it. I mean, first I was just enjoying it, then I started getting a bit invested (FITZSIMMONS), and then I was on tenterhooks, and now I can’t wait for next week’s episode! So much fun! So, yeah, for anyone who was similarly disappointed at the start of the season (and I know quite a few people were), it’s definitely worth giving a second chance.

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* Hilarious Blackadder joke that brings me much joy.