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Diary of a Suburban Squeen

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Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
22 August 1980
External Services:
  • chaletian@livejournal.com
Things I Am

~ determinedly rational ~ an atheist ~ surprisingly stupid for someone quite clever ~
~ domestically capable ~ scared of most milk ~ lazy ~ sort of ginger ~
~ always desperate for instant gratification ~ big on books ~ often a very mean squeen ~

Things I Do

~ make cakes and cookies ~ sing along to the kitchen radio ~ laugh at katie__pillar ~
~ watch a strict schedule of tv ~ play with numbers ~ obsess about my hair ~
~ buy green t-shirts ~ read golden age detective fiction ~ rant about politics and london transport ~

Places I Loiter

~ my old blog ~ my library catalogue ~ the cbb ~
~ my ff.net page ~ my sally denny (cs) page ~ my fic on lj ~


In a somewhat less self-conscious manner of self-explication, I am 27 years old, I live in south west London, I work as a database manager for a private hospital, I write fic in a variety (some might say a dazzling kaleidoscope) of fandoms, and whinge thoroughly about the agonising setbacks which are ubiquitous in my tragic life. Use of the words (I use the term reluctantly) fen and fanda want me make to stab people.

Friending Policy: I have a policy. Oh yes. Well, sort of. More of a warning. Not an ominous warning. A friendly warning. A friendly friending warning, if you like. Please feel free to friend me (for friending is always good), but if you've come to my journal through my fic, please note that I am fickle like a catfish, and will write healthy quantities of fic in a particular fandom for a week or two, and then move on. I often go back; occasionally I don't. So, you will end up with a huge amount of me blathering away (often about cooking and the London public transport infrastructure) and writing fic in other fandoms. Just a head's up. I've been feeling a bit guilty over the people I know have friended me for fic, and then I've never written any more... :(

Crucial Information: I am a GIANT ATTENTION SEEKER. Do not underestimate the demands for attention I am capable of making (the most common of which being, of course, "Anyway, back to me..."). However, do feel utterly free to ignore me. It's for my own good.

Also: Apparently you can message people on LJ. I can't imagine anyone would want to message me particularly, but please don't because I won't notice and then you'll think I'm ignoring you and then I'll find the message about a year later and have guilt that I ignored you, and it will be a giant trag. for everybody.

And further to that: I am seriously awful at replying to comments. Epically, tragically awful. I do so love to get them, though. Life is so harsh. I have the best intentions, and then the moment passes, and, well, it doesn't quite happen. I apologise in advance for being shit.

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