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Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
03 November 2011 @ 06:41 pm
1. This post made me happy.

2. K and I went to see Tinker Tailor yesterday. VG.

3. So, I found my copy of Evelyn Finds Herself (on my bookcase). With that success behind me, have I lent anyone my copy of The New School and Hilary? Can't find that either...

4. I am selling some books. Buy them!

GGBP - Falconer's Lure, Antonia Forest - excellent condition - £40
Greyladies - Twice Dead, EM Channon - excellent condition - £7
Charlotte Sometimes, Penelope Farmer - HB/dw in vg condition - £4
The Parrot and Other Poems - PG Wodehouse - HB/dw in vg condition (collection of PGW poetry) - £5

PBs in vg condition (unless otherwise stated) £1 each: Willard Price - Gorilla, Amazon, Diving, African, Arctic, Cannibal, Lion Adventures; MC Beaton - Sick of Shadows, Hasty Death, Our Lady of Pain (the Edwardian Lady Rose series); Noel Streatfeild - Gemma, Gemma and Sisters, Goodbye Gemma (all good, 50p); Meg Rosoff - How I Live Now; EBD - Chalet School Fete (80s white spine ed).

P&P extra. Post or email me if you're interested.

5. Merlin spoilersCollapse )
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
30 October 2011 @ 03:58 pm
1. Heather kindly lent me some books yesterday, and I have read The New House at Winwood and am part way through The Two Linties - I do like Clare Mallory's books!

2. Who did I lend my copy of Evelyn Finds Herself to?
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
12 September 2011 @ 11:38 pm
Is it just me, or is it weird that someone's been registered on eBay since December 2009 and still has no feedback? That is who is currently bidding on my desk. Natch, they will win and turn out to be a fucking axe murderer, which at this stage would be something of a relief. It's all going to go wrong, anyway.

Shit mood. Oystercard people are fuckers, ditto Natwest. Anyone any idea what the £5 "deposit" for the Oystercard is supposed to be for? Anyone? Bueller? I'll tell you - a giant fucking con. I am mostly just a giant ball of incandescent albeit impotent rage at the moment, and it's making me miserable (and probably everyone else as well), but I just don't seem to be able to stop it. I don't know how to make this feeling go away, but it needs to, because I am not ready to deal with this again.

I don't have words for how I'm feeling and probably wouldn't bother if I did. I can't cope with other people at the moment, like, in any way at all. I don't even want to have to look at people. I've got some training booked on Wednesday and the thought fills me with dread. Had the same group of people last week: hated them all. I don't think "Effective People Management" is really the right course for me at this moment in time.
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
09 September 2011 @ 12:10 am
1. I see it has been over four years since I posted with the slight mental instability tag. Mental health points to me.

2. Xanthe, darling, I just realised I never replied to your last text. So sorry, I thought I had then noticed I hadn't! Please don't feel spruned! It wasn't a problem at all - we can arrange another time.

3. Kathye - sorry I didn't take your call this evening but in the midst of dealing with stolen wallet shit. Also, had no missed calls, voicemail messages, texts, emails, PMs or anything so no idea you were trying to get in touch. Will call tomorrow.
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
08 September 2011 @ 11:41 pm
OK, seriously, wtf is this, universe? Did I kill a beautiful child in a former life? What? Please explain to me why my life this week has been so fucking unbearable. To cap off all the other shit that has happened, tonight my wallet was stolen, something which, under the circumstances and in the context of my aforementioned week of raining shit, I think I suffered with admirable calm and aplomb. But now I've just discovered that my monthly travelcard, barely a week old, was on an oystercard that, it turns out, isn't actually registered. So that's £60 worth of travel down the fucking drain which I can ill afford. Plus I've lost my wallet itself, which was lovely and is fairly irreplaceable, and I was late to the theatre because I was faffing around the police station. A pointless exercise, frankly. I cannot lie, LJ: I am genuinely struggling to cope with life at the moment. And I'm PMTed up to the eyeballs on my everfuckinglasting period, and I just need life to get back to some semblance of normality and me to get back on an even keel because I hate feeling so out-of-control like this.

ETA: And my keyboard did something stupid and posted that when I wasn't ready. And my yahoo mail won't work properly at work so I can't reply to anything or forward or start a new message or search.

Trying to be cheerier, we went to see A Woman Killed With Kindness at the National, which really was very good (though I missed the start). Interesting play, and the staging was absolutely super - best I've ever seen, I think.
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
03 September 2011 @ 11:56 am
Bonjour, darlings! Long time, no LJ. I felt the urge to leap upon you all and tell you about all the good things in my life at the moment, because I was just in the kitchen making raspberry jelly and admiring the jars of passata and raspberry jam that Katie's parents brought us and the little box (sadly now empty) of Ladurée macaroons that Kathryn so superly gave me for my birthday, and thinking about how smashing my life is.

1. National Trusting. K and I have had NT membership this year, and I have been to loads of places. Started with going to Polesden Lacey (near Dorking) with K and my mother, when we had an absolutely lovely day. The house was beautiful, ditto gardens, weather was perfect, we had a gorgeous picnic (including fizz), and I bought a tea towel with BEEEEES! On hols in Dorset, we went to Corfe Castle, which (leaving aside the carrot issue) was ace; Kingston Lacy, which is the house the Bankes family built when the Roundheads blew up Corfe Castle; and Mompesson House, which is a lovely, lovely Queen Anne house in the Salisbury cathedral close (I will be living there when not at the Mump; there's even a hut for Nellie). Also been to our local place, Ham House, twice - a brilliant C17th house on the bank of the Thames, just outside Richmond. Then, the other weekend, K and I finally carried out our longstanding plan to go to Hampstead to see 2 Willow Road (a modernist house which is hilariously like going to see a grandparental house rather than NT) and Fenton House (which is where we will live when the revolution comes - lots of alcoves; lovely little gardens; a freakishly huge number of china knick-knacks; lots of aged keyboard instruments). (Also Kenwood House, which is English Heritage but free - a bequest from the Guinness family - very worth a visit.) And finally (so far), a young crowd of us went to Osterley Park last weekend. I do love a house you can walk to from the tube. NT tat bought on these visits include: recycled wool rug (shades of blue and pink, very snuggly, and bargainous at only £12!), a multitude of tea towels (naturally), many souvenir magnets, lots of postcards, and a marrow (later stuffed).

2. I HAVE BOOTS! I bought them yesterday and am super excited because I've wanted some knee-high boots FOREVER but my legs are too short and fat to find any to fit, except NOW I HAVE!!! Sadly, the same boot is not available in brown, which would be the summum bonum, but nevermind, I will take the win.

3. Spent a lovely birthday weekend in Derbys. with my mother and brother. On Saturday we went to York. Popped round the Macarthur Glen place (I bought a le creuset spatula and some tea bags), then went into town and had a smashing lunch at Betty's. Chris ordered us a celebratory bottle of champagne, and then we were given little cakes because they knew it was our birthdays. On Sunday, we did not, alas, have time to visit a castle (any castle), but instead went to an unexpectedly amazing pub/restaurant in Rotherham (I had a Pim Pom to drink - best drink name EVER) and visited Grandma.

4. I whinge about our kitchen being too small, but that is only because of my PRIVILEGE. Actually, it can cram loads of people in when we have a party and everyone gravitates. We have a radio and two boxes of kitchen tapes (things like Noel Coward plays and 30s popular music and Dorothy L Sayers adaptations and Tom Lehrer and Elaine Paige). I have a shelf for all my recipe books, and there's another shelf for porridge. We have space for two sets of saucepans (non-stick and not), and about four sets of crocks, and fifty tea cups and sixty mugs, and a dozen or so melamine mixing bowls, and my everyday scales and K's antique scales, and two pots of utensils, and two racks of spices. I want a four-slice toaster, but we cope with a two-slice. We have a drawer for tea towels. And this month K's dad is going to build us a cupboard under the microwave and extra shelves and it's going to be ACE.

5. I have re-joined FOCS (had a story in the last mag; will have another one in the next), and started to re-collect the GGBP Chalets. Mostly have, actually, except for the super rare ones which I am hoping will be reprinted. Read Clare Mallory's League of the Smallest, which is adorable and everyone should read it.

6. I have a kindle. It's amazing. Super, super amazing. I will be getting rid of loads of books, so watch this space.

7. To contradict point 6, I have bought more books recently. Here is a picture:

8. Been to the theatre a bit. Saw Anne Boleyn twice again at the Globe; also Doctor Faustus, The God of Soho, All's Well That Ends Well, and The Globe Mysteries. Disappointed we couldn't get tickets for Much Ado. Saw the first half of Emperor and Galilean at the National and honestly couldn't stand to stay for the second half. Also saw Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead at the Haymarket, and A Delicate Balance at the Almeida. Going to see A Woman Killed With Kindness at the National in a couple of weeks, also hopefully the new Stephen Poliakoff play at the Almeida. And Matilda when it comes to the West End (MATILDA!!!!).
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
16 July 2011 @ 10:57 pm
I am RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED about Harry Potter on Monday!! I cannot wait. And yet I must :(
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
24 June 2011 @ 11:31 pm
Thing the first: I have somehow managed to plot a 12-book school series allegedly written by Josephine M. Bettany, and then get super invested in the characters. I will be sharing this extensively. I cannot lie.

Thing the second: Remember this time last year, when I was obsessively posting and filling prompts at the Awesome Ladies Ficathon? I have (embarrassingly) only just got round to listening to a podfic that podklb made of my Alice Longbottom fic, blow me bluebell bubbles, that I wrote for a Harry Potter prompt. The podfic is here (download here), and it is SUPERBLY read. Please do listen, because she did a truly smashing job.

Thing the third: Nellie, darling, remember that Bones vid I was going to show you in Dorset, only to be scuppered by the failiness of our internet? This is it. BEST BONES VID EVER.

Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
23 June 2011 @ 06:53 pm
Some recs, because I like sharing awesomeness. Maybe at some point I will tell you about my hols and what I've been up to, but that day is not today.

Toboganing Anebody [Chalet School, Gen] by RroseSelavy
I gather there was some challenge about writing Mary-Lou's accident in the style of another writer. This is perfect.
"Funker!" Emmy repli, and set off wizz down the mountain just as Mary-Lou come dashing up the slope like the skool dog after Grabber hav given it a kick.

another time (round the wheel) [Chalet School/Doctor Who, Gen] by Nightwing
What is better in this world than some timey-wimey fic? Nothing, that's what. Non-linear, confusing at first, clever, and awesome. (It's only barely a DW crossover; that part doesn't really matter.)
Someone screamed – it sounded like Con – and a babble of voices, harsh and high-pitched reached her ears. Joey quickened her pace, her heart beating rapidly from both the exertion and the frightening thoughts that were filling her head. She reached Con’s bedroom door just in time to see – “But that’s impossible,” she gasped, “there can’t be – ”

The First Year [Chalet School, Len/Reg] by Nightwing
This is adorable university!Len and Reg, with sweetness and misunderstandings (with bonus Con being ace). I have to admit a softness for Len and Reg, and this makes Reg a very sympathetic character. (If you like this sort of thing, you could also try *cough*pimp*cough* my Cherry Ripe, which is thematically not dissimilar, though inferior.)
And what did Hamilton know, Reg thought furiously as he entered his own room. He had never been in love. At least, he amended, not the same way that Reg was. Hamilton was sighing after a new girl every week, but Len was the only girl there had ever been for him. He glanced over at the stack of notepaper he'd bought, just especially for writing to Len. Maybe he should tell her so? She had only just left, it was true, but it would be a while before the letter arrived for her anyway...

Mad Medusa [Chalet School, Gen] by chattie
This is a war story, about two anonymous Chalet girls in the Resistance. A bit harrowing, actually. Beautifully done.
Only God knew what had really happened and perhaps it was better that Béatrice remained a ‘lost’ Old Girl, known to God and commemorated by this window marking her call to Higher Service.

William Brown is a fan of Theremins [Just William, Gen] by AdaptionDecay
William Brown, the eternal eleven year old, is on Facebook. As are the Outlaws. And Violet Elizabeth.
Violet Elizabeth Bott added The Outlaw's Secret Hideout to the Places I've Been application.

The Conscience of a Queen [LPW, Gen] by Ione
Harriet has to solve a mystery. Lovely Yuletide fic, with bonus Mr Ingleby and Miss Meteyard.
Before Harriet could politely demur Miss Climpson whisked herself out of her own office, her manner brisk and efficient. Harriet's protest would have been mere politeness; though she did regret interrupting Miss Climpson's obviously busy day, she also knew that Miss Climpson was never happier than when she was being of use--particularly when she could do so in a covert manner.

teach us not to be too loud [Wild Child, Poppy/Kate] by summerstorm
Written for the lovely Awesome Ladies Ficathon. I love this film and these characters.
"It'll work out for us," Poppy says, and Kate has to frown at her before Poppy realizes using the word 'us' is kind of weird when you just kissed someone out of the blue for the first time.

The Starkadder Switchback [Cold Comfort Farm, Gen]
Cold Comfort Farm meets noir detective LA. Flora has to rescue Seth from an accusation of murder. This is perfect.
The detective slammed his glass down on the desk, so the liquid licked up the sides like a drunk licks out his first hit of the day. "Lady, I don't care if you got the studios on your side. I don't care if you've got the cops. Hell, I don't care if you got the goddamn Pope - I've been out of the confessional too many years to bother about him. Your cousin killed a small-town kid with big dreams and bigger problems, and I'm going to see him fry for it."

Flora frowned. "You didn't kill anyone, did you?" she asked Seth. It was best to be certain in such matters.

Starkadder's eyes were smouldering. He looked at his cousin with a face like a bull in a bush fire. "Happen I might," he growled.

"'Happen' nothing, Seth," said Flora sharply. "This is a very serious matter, and it's no time for melodrama. Did you kill her?"

Seth glowered at her, then decided there was more mileage in glowering at the rug instead. "No," he said, sulkily.

And I have recced these before, but they're appropriate to these fictional works, and I like them, so hey.

Green Ice [LPW/Jeeves & Wooster, Gen] by adina_atl
One of the most intriguing crossovers I've ever read, this tells the story of Lord Peter Wimsey's first ever case (the Attenbury emeralds), which happens to require a visit to Market Snodsbury. Brilliantly written, and the most fascinating characterisation ever of Bertie Wooster. I recommend this unreservedly.
The second bird was not overly tall, with hair the colour of corn silk, arrayed in the outer crust of a gentleman in a style Jeeves could not but approve. It was the monocle screwed into his left eye that fired the old brain cells, however. "Flim! Flim Wimsey! I say, it's been a few years, what?"

The Subway [Narnia, Gen] by DJ Caligula
A story about Susan, post series. It's odd and a little freaky and very, very satisfying.
Susan gaped - and although her skin crawled in horror - her mind did indeed flicker back on the games that she and her siblings used to play, a long time ago. Games with kings, and queens, and centaurs and mermaids and fauns and cruel Eastern princes. God-like lions and villainous giants; unspeakably ancient cities, harsh deserts, icy northern peaks. Susan used to make maps, because she was clever at things like that, and with colored pencils and paper, she was able to create whole worlds, where forests were marked carefully with green, oceans had beasties springing out the depths, and southern cities had minarets and gates straight out of National Geographic. It had been jolly good fun, for a while, and it had helped pass the time, after they had been relocated to the countryside while London was being bombed by the Nazis.
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
Dear Mark Schwahn,

This is what I would like to see in the last series of One Tree Hill:

1. A ridiculous future episode, where Lily, Jamie, Madison, Chuck, Sawyer etc are the angsty teens. Jamie wearing the Scott Body Shop hoodie is a must.

2. A ridiculous musical episode. Why hasn’t this happened yet? Inexplicable.

3. A ridiculous amnesia event (possibly Nathan thinking he’s about fifteen again, for maximum angst/lolz). Why hasn’t this happened yet either? Also inexplicable.

4. A ridiculous coma event. Possibly to precede the ridiculous amnesia event. (Clay, I am afraid, was not suitably dramatic in this role.)

5. Spirit-guide!Keith. You know you want to.

6. For Dan and Nathan to reconcile tentatively then moments later Dan to sacrifice his life to save someone else. Both dramatic and karmic, plus we can all shed a tiny vicarious tear for Nathan. (Also, more Dan generally. There is not enough Dan.)

7. Alex to find someone better than Chase.

8. Hilarious hijinks from Julian’s and Brooke’s mothers, possibly involving losing their grandchildren (temporarily).

9. An, as usual, hilariously ridiculous and beautiful wedding for Quinn and Clay (don’t pretend it’s not on the cards).

10. A finale that is befitting the full glory of One Tree Hill. This will be the one where Dan dies. There might be zombies. There will be some sort of gathering at the river court (maybe after Dan’s funeral). Quite possibly Nathan and Lucas will play a bit of one-on-one (in suits, natch), because, of course, Lucas and Peyton will return, along with Karen, spiritguide!Keith, Grandma Deb, and anyone else who’s been misplaced. There will be loveliness and a spot of weepiness (not just after Dan tragically dies only moments after reconciling with Nathan). Karen’s Café will, again, be used heavily as a motif for community cohesion. Haley will sing. Jamie will have a few words of wisdom. Brooke will be awesome. Julian will be adorable. Nathan will be noble. Chester will be fluffy.

This is all. Thank you.

Love, Laura
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
Chalet School fans! Go and read this fic IMMEDIATELY - it is hilarious and awesome and also made of win.
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
03 June 2011 @ 07:43 am

I am excited to report that the Sally Denny Library, a longstanding but previously largely dormant Chalet School fic archive, has been re-opened! Yay! It is now beautiful and functional, and if anyone has any Chalet fic they would like to share, it would be super good if they wanted to mosey on over. Please share this momentous news with anyone you think would be interested!!
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
14 May 2011 @ 08:35 pm
Both halves of Jedward look like they're being played by Alan Cumming's character in The High Life.
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
14 May 2011 @ 08:30 pm
Why have One Tree Hill and Nikita not been renewed yet? I mean, obviously I get One Tree Hill (though IMO it should last FOREVER and also have more Evil!Dan Scott) even though surely, surely, Katie and I cannot be the only people who love it so much. But Nikita? C'mon, chaps, it's been excellent. I want another series!!

Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
14 May 2011 @ 02:43 pm
LOL at The Shadow Line: "I am on foot! I am on foot! Typical British fucking car chase!"

In other TV news:

Nikita - this series has been really awesome - so much better than I anticipated. The last couple of episodes!!! :O

Game of Thrones - watched the first couple of eps and actually quite enjoying it. It's like imaginary history! I approve. Also, there's a little girl who's made of win.

NCIS - not sure why I'm still bothering.

Hawaii Five-0 - What. The. Fuck?
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
03 May 2011 @ 10:28 pm
Katie and I just realised we will not see each other tomorrow EVER AGAIN. I am going to watch Hawaii Five-0 WEEPING LIKE THERE BE NO END.
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
Title: A Kiss to Build a Dream On
Author: chaletian
Fandom: Chalet School
Rating: PG-13
Summary: This is how it starts. Kathie/Nancy.
Author's Note: Written for chiasmata's prompt for my last SDC.

Read more...Collapse )
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
Title: She is no Galatea
Author: chaletian
Fandom: Merlin
Rating: PG
Summary: There are some things that Gwen doesn't know.
Author's Note: Written for a prompt at the Awesome Ladies Ficathon.

Read more...Collapse )
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Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
Katie and I are off to see 2D Thor this afternoon, which I am quite excited about, but I have lost our Odeon Premiere card, which means having to actually pay for tickets. Boo swizz. Very annoyed with myself.

In other news, the mater came to visit for the weekend, which was nice. On Saturday we went for breakfast at ye olde Orange Pekoe and then she took us out for lunch at Annie's (always pleasant, and we sat in the back in the garden and the sun shone all over us and we ate ice cream). Also on Saturday, Doctor Who! Oh, Rory! I love Rory. I love them all, but mostly Rory. And then, miraculously, I managed to write my remix, which kind of skirts the definition of remix and heads into sequel territory... I dunno. I'm quite pleased with it, though.

On Sunday, we made a picnic, and went to Polesden Lacey, near Dorking, which was just glorious - perfect weather, and a beautiful NT lark - you can't go wrong. And I bought a bee tea towel. Then we came home and watched Doctor Who again, and then the library episodes again (oh, River). (In re that, I can't see why they can't just get her out of the library computer again.) Then tea. Then Lewis. Then bed. Good times.
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
23 April 2011 @ 09:09 am
Is it just me or is there a whole lot more spam commenting on LJ over the past month?
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
12 April 2011 @ 12:00 am
How have I never watched Veronica Mars before now? I love it!
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
07 April 2011 @ 10:24 pm
♥ Katie and I have been watching Community. It's beautiful. Funniest thing I've watched in a little while.

♥ I have also been watching new!Hawaii Five-0. Oh, be still my heart. I have now read ALL THE FIC. Well, all the Steve/Danny fic. THEIR BROMANCE IS LOVE.

♥ I made raspberry jelly. With real raspberries. The taste was an experience to which no words could do justice.

♥ I want the next Star Trek film NOW.

♥ I had a meeting today at work that made me actually want to kill myself.

♥ I think I've run out of spray starch again. Sadface.

♥ A (very slightly belated) happy birthday to dozydormouse!!
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
21 March 2011 @ 08:55 pm
I have signed up to the Remix - yay! I like a bit of a remix. Dear person mixing me: have at it! I've got a load of fic all over the place - the full list up to six months ago or so is here; more recent stuff is under my fic tag here. (I also have accounts at AO3 and fanfiction.net under the username chaletian.) And I forgot to say on my sign-up, please don't remix Destroyer of Worlds, as that was a remix itself. Thank you!

In other news, chaps, I am feeling very pleased with life at the moment. These bullet points will explain why:

♥ The sun is finally shining! I was actually warm as I sat outside today, eating my lunch without a coat on. Yay sun! This winter has lasted forever.

♥ I just made chocolate and raspberry muffins, and proper orange and mint jelly FROM SCRATCH. I have recently discovered the concept of leaves of gelatine, and have made jelly and panna cotta (tasty tasty); I will not stop here.

♥ Dancing on Ice is bringing me joy. We want Laura to win, and are prepared to invest actual monies to see that dream become reality.

♥ Forgot to say, Katie and I went to see an am dram production of Hay Fever at the Putney Arts Theatre. It was actual hilarious. S - I thought he was dead! J - Oh, he's not dead, he's upstairs.

♥ New bedlinen on Sunday and a bit of a tidy. Bedroom is a haven of deliciousness.

♥ Fuck yeah, Roehampton Asda, you're awesome! I finally went to visit it on a bus, and bought two pairs of linen trousers, two cardigans, three tops, and about four vest tops. Also leaf gelatine, and a DVD of The Little White Horse, masquerading under the title The Secret of Moonacre. Asda is made of win. (OK, I know, Walmart, evil corporation etc etc etc, but on the other hand, new grey cardigan and gelatine!)

♥ I spent today consulting with another screening service and building them a little database. It's beautiful, if I say it myself. Colour coded and everything. Going back tomorrow to complete it. I do always like the opportunity to work away from the office. Far, far away... Actually, that makes it sound like I don't like my job/office, which isn't true at all, but I do like to swan around. Amanda and I are going to build a website for the service, and are going to take a day to wander around the various sites taking photos etc. It'll be ace!

♥ Post today: the new Susan Elizabeth Phillips, and my 1p copy of Noel Streatfeild's Murder While You Work. Yay! Also, Helen's lent me a couple of CS fill-ins and Streatfeild's The Whicharts.
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
16 March 2011 @ 08:29 pm
What ho, darlings! I feel I should do a proper post, and keep you all enthralled with charming little tales of my recent exploits, but I fear I should find it tedious, so bullet points ahoy!

1. Despite having received some excellent prompts (thank you), and despite having had ideas for all of them, I am no closer to writing fic. Sadfaces. Ah well, it may come to me in time.

2. Dentist again today. Next time I will be getting filled. :-(

3. I have, in the last week, read my GGBP-sale fun-in-the-fourth books, and highly enjoyed them. I read Val Forrest in the Fifth first, which was my least favourite, but only because the other two were so good. I liked the Withers-iness of her lodgings! Then I read Evelyn Finds Herself, which I absolutely adored - definitely the best school story I've ever read. Hearty recommendation to everyone! And then I finished off with The New School and Hilary which was also ace. I now need to find more books by Josephine Elder and Winifred Darch.

4. In that vein, I ended up on the Greyladies website. I want to read all their books! Does anyone have any I can borrow, please?

5. The pater has now flown off to Qatar and will be living there until further notice (for work - he hasn't gone AWOL). Mater bearing up manfully - well, womanfully, really.

6. My brother broke off his engagement, had a relationship with someone else, handed in his notice at work, set up his own business (properly registered at Company House, I am given to understand!), and is trying to work things out with his former fiancée. It is something of a roller coaster.

7. I have two holidays planned this year, and while neither is at all exotic (1. Dorset; 2. Katie's parents in France), I am looking forward to them both tremendously! I also have a "staycation" at the end of April (oh, I can see you all harking back to the glory that was Staycation 2009).


9. I dyed my hair bright red a little while ago. It's like Hitler marching on Moscow...

10. I have some bright yellow ranunculas (?sp) in a vase. They're gorgeous. Also, I invested in some very superior fake flowers in IKEA for my room. I approve.

11. Katie will be home very soon, which means I have to get up and make dinner. I AM COSY. But dutiful (mostly).

12. There is a children's book fair in Bath in April. I shall, I think be going. This is fun. I like Bath. I like children's books. I like April. I cannot lose. *thumbs up*

13. Earlier this year I read Hilary McKay's sequel to A Little Princess, Wishing for Tomorrow. This was ace and people should read it. Ditto Celia Rees' The Fool's Girl, which is about Viola and Orsino's daughter coming with Feste to find Shakespeare to help with a plot to save Illyria, and in the process telling him all about her parents and how they came to meet etc. It was really fab and brilliantly written. Also recommended.

14. I have also read adult books, though none are springing to mind right now.

15. I recently realised that I still haven't read Eva Ibbotson's last book before she died (so sad - she's one of my favourite authors), so that will be a little treat at some point.

16. Theatre: saw The Heretic at the Royal Court on Monday, which was really very good - very funny, and also thinky (you know how I like that), largely about the necessity of Proper Scientific Thinking and not taking anything on faith, or just because Everyone Says. Also saw Becky Shaw (twice) at the Almeida, which I also enjoyed very much. Student production of Arcadia at Westminster School - very good, particularly Bernard and Chater. Hannah was a bit inconsistent (in terms of characterisation rather than acting), and there wasn't really enough distinction between 13-year-old and 16-year-old Thomasina, but overall, vg. And did I mention seeing Hamlet at the National before Christmas? Rather disappointing, anyway. What with that and the godawful All's Well That Ends Well, the National and Shakespeare is not proving a good combination for me. Ooh, speaking of, I see Roger Allam won the Olivier for his Falstaff - jolly well deserved, sir!
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot
11 March 2011 @ 07:41 pm
So, peeps, here's the thing: I want to write some fic, not having written any for a little while, but I find myself devoid of the demon inspiration. So I thought I'd have a little drabble challenge.

Thus, please suggest a fandom, character (and topic/quote/other character/vague scenario/just any kind of prompt for the love of esmerelda!), and I will try and write a little fic. Don't be shy! I can write any fandom I've written before (check out the fic tag if you're not sure), and am open to writing anything for TV shows/films/books/stuff I enjoy.

Please do suggest something - I really miss writing!