I have no title for this post.

At the moment, I have:

(a) a stinking cold;
(b) womb ache;
(c) hayfever;
(d) a mouth ulcer.

Go life. \o/

On the plus side, our network crashed at work, so we all went home at lunchtime. IT!fail ftw. I watched films and obsessively refreshed my email to see if I had more kudos on my Avengers fic on AO3, because I'm that cool. Also, I drank hot orange squash out of the Christmas hedgehog mug.
narnia once a queen

"He probably wants to curb your use of extravagant metaphor..."

Hullo, world! Hullo, sky! Hullo, trees! It’s been an age since I tottered to my chaise longue to tap out a few lines regarding my recent activities. I shall do this in numbers. Structure is everyone’s friend.

1. I have now seen the Avengers film three times. Do not imagine I am planning to stop there. Ever since Katie and I cottoned on to the whole Cineworld unlimited pass thing, I have cast aside such restraints. Anyway: Avengers. AWESOME. (Fear no spoilers here, btw.) Totally lived up to my expectations. Everyone was brilliant; to my mind, Mark Ruffalo as Bruce and Scarlett Johansson as Natasha, particularly. I LOVED IT SO MUCH. Naturally, I am now writing fic, because that is what I do. It took me a while to find the right voices, but I’m getting there, I think. Take-home message: OMG AVENGERS YAY!!1! \o/

2. ... actually, I can’t really think of anything else. I’m just pottering around, really. Went to France at the beginning of April to stay with K’s parents, along with her sister and nephew (best baby face ever). Off to Norfolk next month (OMG next month yay!) with Helen, Katherine and our Nellie. At some point later in the year, I’m also hoping finally to pop to Qatar to hang out with the pater. So, good times.

3. Saw the Swahili Merry Wives of Windsor at the Globe – super funny. Also (at least) seeing a hip-hop Othello and French Much Ado, before my long-awaited fantasy viz Jamie Parker returning in Henry V. I WANT THIS NOW. We went to see Matilda again, this time in the west end, with Kathye and Megan, and it was still, I am pleased to report, extremely excellent. Um, what else? Ooh, She Stoops to Conquer, at the National – so, so funny. We’re going to see Travelling Light and Collaborators there in the next couple of weeks as well. Theatre fills me with joy.

Anyway, that’s about it. I’ll totter off again, shall I?
avengers time out

[Avengers] Working Nine To Five :: Slash :: AU :: PG-13 :: 1/1

Title: Working Nine To Five
Author: chaletian
Fandom: Avengers
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Clint/Phil, inevitable Steve/Tony UST
Summary: Bruce thinks they're taking this too seriously. “Data analysts still in their cubicles shall think themselves accursed they were not here, and hold their manhoods cheap while any speaks that fought with us on Get-Clint-And-Phil-Together day,” says Thor. AU. In an office. With doughnuts.

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and and bee


1. This post made me happy.

2. K and I went to see Tinker Tailor yesterday. VG.

3. So, I found my copy of Evelyn Finds Herself (on my bookcase). With that success behind me, have I lent anyone my copy of The New School and Hilary? Can't find that either...

4. I am selling some books. Buy them!

GGBP - Falconer's Lure, Antonia Forest - excellent condition - £40
Greyladies - Twice Dead, EM Channon - excellent condition - £7
Charlotte Sometimes, Penelope Farmer - HB/dw in vg condition - £4
The Parrot and Other Poems - PG Wodehouse - HB/dw in vg condition (collection of PGW poetry) - £5

PBs in vg condition (unless otherwise stated) £1 each: Willard Price - Gorilla, Amazon, Diving, African, Arctic, Cannibal, Lion Adventures; MC Beaton - Sick of Shadows, Hasty Death, Our Lady of Pain (the Edwardian Lady Rose series); Noel Streatfeild - Gemma, Gemma and Sisters, Goodbye Gemma (all good, 50p); Meg Rosoff - How I Live Now; EBD - Chalet School Fete (80s white spine ed).

P&P extra. Post or email me if you're interested.

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(no subject)

1. Heather kindly lent me some books yesterday, and I have read The New House at Winwood and am part way through The Two Linties - I do like Clare Mallory's books!

2. Who did I lend my copy of Evelyn Finds Herself to?
glee sue sylvester

(no subject)

Is it just me, or is it weird that someone's been registered on eBay since December 2009 and still has no feedback? That is who is currently bidding on my desk. Natch, they will win and turn out to be a fucking axe murderer, which at this stage would be something of a relief. It's all going to go wrong, anyway.

Shit mood. Oystercard people are fuckers, ditto Natwest. Anyone any idea what the £5 "deposit" for the Oystercard is supposed to be for? Anyone? Bueller? I'll tell you - a giant fucking con. I am mostly just a giant ball of incandescent albeit impotent rage at the moment, and it's making me miserable (and probably everyone else as well), but I just don't seem to be able to stop it. I don't know how to make this feeling go away, but it needs to, because I am not ready to deal with this again.

I don't have words for how I'm feeling and probably wouldn't bother if I did. I can't cope with other people at the moment, like, in any way at all. I don't even want to have to look at people. I've got some training booked on Wednesday and the thought fills me with dread. Had the same group of people last week: hated them all. I don't think "Effective People Management" is really the right course for me at this moment in time.
glee sue sylvester

Other things

1. I see it has been over four years since I posted with the slight mental instability tag. Mental health points to me.

2. Xanthe, darling, I just realised I never replied to your last text. So sorry, I thought I had then noticed I hadn't! Please don't feel spruned! It wasn't a problem at all - we can arrange another time.

3. Kathye - sorry I didn't take your call this evening but in the midst of dealing with stolen wallet shit. Also, had no missed calls, voicemail messages, texts, emails, PMs or anything so no idea you were trying to get in touch. Will call tomorrow.
glee sue sylvester

(no subject)

OK, seriously, wtf is this, universe? Did I kill a beautiful child in a former life? What? Please explain to me why my life this week has been so fucking unbearable. To cap off all the other shit that has happened, tonight my wallet was stolen, something which, under the circumstances and in the context of my aforementioned week of raining shit, I think I suffered with admirable calm and aplomb. But now I've just discovered that my monthly travelcard, barely a week old, was on an oystercard that, it turns out, isn't actually registered. So that's £60 worth of travel down the fucking drain which I can ill afford. Plus I've lost my wallet itself, which was lovely and is fairly irreplaceable, and I was late to the theatre because I was faffing around the police station. A pointless exercise, frankly. I cannot lie, LJ: I am genuinely struggling to cope with life at the moment. And I'm PMTed up to the eyeballs on my everfuckinglasting period, and I just need life to get back to some semblance of normality and me to get back on an even keel because I hate feeling so out-of-control like this.

ETA: And my keyboard did something stupid and posted that when I wasn't ready. And my yahoo mail won't work properly at work so I can't reply to anything or forward or start a new message or search.

Trying to be cheerier, we went to see A Woman Killed With Kindness at the National, which really was very good (though I missed the start). Interesting play, and the staging was absolutely super - best I've ever seen, I think.