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The Royal Hunt of the Sun

Katie and I went to see this offering at the NT last night, and golly it was good! Much better than the first act promised, as I was getting a little sleepy through it. But it really pepped up after the interval, and it was *so* good. I wept at the end. Just a little.

*But*, has my mind been subtly adjusted by teh interweb, or was there something ever so faintly slashy about Pizarro and Atahuallpa? I fully accept that this is completely my imagination; it just felt that on a couple of occasions... I dunno. Hmm. But anyway, yes: dead good.

Apparently there was a film of it done, back in 1969, with Christopher Plummer as Atahuallpa. *strokes the beard* Vairrrry interesting, Mr Bond...
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