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I made ribena lollies! Honest-to-goodness ribena lollies! It was very
exciting. And, for that matter, scrumptious, for they are a genius
invention. Also had ye spinach risotto last night, for those fascinated by
the menu in the PF. It's always a good meal.

I have discovered LibraryThing. It is a thing of beauty, though I may end
up having to get the paid version - it depends how much I can be bothered to
put on my many, many books.

We watched Speed last night. It is a film of wonder and light, and Keanu
Reeves was emoting his little heart out: "She was a nice lady who didn't
deserve to die" - you don't see that kind of script-writing often. Alas.

I stole xanantha yesterday and used her as slave labour, helping me file a
million bits of paper at work. Sadly, it meant that she was privy to
evidence of my complete lack of ability with that tricksy thing we call the
alphabet. Hmm... Then I bribed her into coming back to the PF for tea with
the lure of pancakes, which I then entirely failed to deliver on. Shame on
me and my deceiving ways.

The green room is going on very well. I have two walls with two coats on,
and an emergency purchase of masking tape yesterday meant that I could paint
up to the ceiling, and along the window frames. It's Guides tonight, so I'm
not sure whether I'll be able to do any more, though I'd like to gloss the
window sill. The only problem is, great as Dulux paint is when going on the
wall, it sticks like anything to paintbrushes and doesn't wash off properly,
so either I'm going to have to find the missing third paintbrush, or put in
some serious work on the slightly green brushes currently lurking about the
kitchen sink (I have washed them repeatedly, it's just that the paint
really, really doesn't want to come off).

Yesterday, I saw identical twins, which was mildly exciting. They were also
dressed identically, from top to toe, bags and jewellery included. Cute,
say you. Naaaaay, say I, for they were heading towards fifty if they were a
day, and frankly, it was just disturbing. I feared for them.

katie__pillar - re the Benjamin/I see my brothers now are honest men situation, it's
not quite as bad as I thought, on closer examination of the lyrics. They
weren't just saying 'Benjamin? Surely not!' but 'Take me instead, chuck me
in ye olde gaol!', which is quite self-sacrificing when you think about it.
And, OK, yes, the issue was that they hated his guts and had always been
quite fond of young Benjamin, so it's not exactly an iron-clad guarantee of
good brotherliness, but at least it shows they are probably quite decent
chaps at bottom. Eh bien, raise your berets, to zose Canaan days...

Watched Blackadder a bit as well recently. I love Blackadder.
Tags: films, tv, work
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