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Bobbing along...

Ah, Demolition Man... it's such a fine piece of film-making! And gratuitous ultra-violence is always fun.

Anyway, life is, as the title implies, bobbing along (though not, admittedly, at the bottom of the beautiful briny sea, cuz that would be a little on the strange side). I have done one and a half coats of paint in my bedroom, and it looks *gorgeous* - am very pleased that I stuck to my guns on the bright green front and didn't get scared off by its apparent ubergreenness in the paint can. And props to Katie for correcting me on my choice of shade. But it's coming along in leaps and bounds, though I suspect I will be sleeping on the sofa bed tonight, as my own lovely bed is covered in all the crap that was on the floor. Shame on me.

I tried to do the deleting-all-my-icons-and-starting-from-scratch thing, but I loved too many of them too much, so I only pruned about half of them. I added some more, but then got bored. What can you do...

Huzzah for the week, though - it's the British Ass. of Dermatologists conference thing all this week, so all the doctors will be larking off to that and all the clinics are cancelled - woohoo! There's always a litte ray of sunshine about to break through the clouds.
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