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Miss Squeenie McPimpalot

It even went well with his vest...

Well, I wrote this ages ago, but then both LJ *and* Blogger spurned me, so I will do it now...

Well, pah, for see how LJ has spurned me, after letting me play for so long in recent weeks. Well, I say LJ has spurned. In reality, of course, it is the GSTT firewall which spurns LJ… or disapproves, belike. What with that wretched ad’t cont’t which we all know and don’t like much.

Heigh ho. Anyway, forgot to say yesterday that after going to the cinema, Katie and I went to Waterstones, and discovered a fab new invention there: try a book for 99p. Now, sadly, this did not apply to *all* their books (how cool would that be?!), but to a select few. But still, grand idea, je pense. I bought three, and then did a 3-for-2 on the latest PB Jodi Piccoult (though I mun say that although I thought My Sister’s Keeper was fantastic, I haven’t been similarly impressed by the others), another Dan Brown (though similarly with the not overly impressed with the Da Vinci Code because (a) his style of writing is crap, (b) he shows off something rotten, and (c) the ending sucks in its predictability… and I’m trying to think why I bought the one I did… oh, yes: NASA discovered something amazing under the Arctic. I think my head went straight to Stargate, and I will be deeply disappointed when it turns out to be but a sunken ship or Jesus’ kid sister or something), and, huzzah!, a new Meg Cabot grown-up book (Size 12 Is Not Fat) that I didn’t even realise was coming out! For there is much love of the Meg Cabot books, teenage or adult (anyone else read Avalon High? I loved it!), and a new one is always cause for celebration. A couple more have been published in the US as well, so I have those to look forward to in due course. Speaking of, I mun remember to put The Boy Next Door on Katie’s to-read shelf…

And speaking of books, I am amazed that people who read slowly can even be bothered with things like Mills & Boon. I mean, an hour or so, sure, I’m prepared to give that much time to a bit of fluff about a girl who fancies a bloke but thinks he fancies someone else then something a bit dramatic happens and she finds out that he has fancied her all along. But imagine having to spend a couple of days – or even, God forbid, an *entire week* on something like that? You just couldn’t do it! Cuz the French one took me a couple of days, and I was flagging a bit by the time we found out Carmelita’s missing husband was in fact in prison for fraud.

Also, how do you choose? If you take a week or so to read a book (and I’m talking like a full holiday week, with nothing much else to do), how can you choose what to read?

Oh, Xanthe, we think you should write a comprehensive book about the history of Guiding. It merely came up in conversation.
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