Miss Squeenie McPimpalot (chaletian) wrote,
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot

A few random thoughts for the day

1. I just checked out all the people on LJ who are listed as having gone to Sheffield High School (which is where I went, obviously, not that I was just randomly looking up schools), and with the exception of one fairly aged person (who finished there when I was 2!), they are all of the born-about-1986 vintage. Which is fine, y'know, because I have friends who are that sort of age. Only then I look at when they went to school, and they didn't start until about 1997 which was, er, when I was starting the Upper VI. I am so old...

2. Tee hee. You may or may not be aware of my passionate love for that fine good-crap programme Prison Break. It is so fine. Anyway, is it wrong for me to get completely and ridiculously excited because one of the visiting lecturers for an upcoming symposium thing is from Loyola University in Chicago, whence graduated (according to the Fox website) le lovely Michael? I mean, sure, he's imaginary, but still...

3. Hah! One of my pet opinions has precedent! I was reading an article about John Stuart Mill, and it said this: 'In "A Few Words on Non-Intervention", he [JSM] declared that outside intervention against tyranny is rarely justified, because if a people cannot topple their government themselves, they are either not really a people or not ready for liberty.' Just what I have always said. Yay for JSM, frankly.
Tags: random, school, thinking, tv
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