Miss Squeenie McPimpalot (chaletian) wrote,
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot


Well, I haven't updated for a while, so I thought I would share. For these things are always good. Er, not sure what 'these things' count as. Am mindless babbling. Bollocks.

Am watching film called 'Bugs' which is about a giant mutant insect thing terrorising a subway. Gosh. Cuz no-one ever thought of that before. Katie is sitting in the grandparental chintz, giggling like a loon at Georgia Nicholson. Which is fair enough, really. Am also battling the ocado man, who refuses to give me risotto rice. Bastard.

Was thinking about Prison Break on the train (as you do... well, if you're me, anyway), and I have to laugh, really. There was an episode where Sara went to see Michael's ex-psychiatrist or something, and he revealed that Michael (a) had something rather random called something I can't remember but basically means that he is nearly insane but because he's a genius man, he's not and (b) has no self-worth and has a burning urge to help people. And I'm sorry, but LOL!!! He's like an H/C ficcer's wet dream!! See how I mock. But I don't care, because he's so pretty and so clever...

Went to Guides ce soir, which was fine and dandy, and the girls were all non-evil, which is always reassuring, frankly. Yay, I say. They made patrol badges and then laminated them. Grr. *I* wanted to play on the laminator, but one mun be grown-up.

And euuurgh - random man just put bug acid yuckiness in his mouth. Disgusting. This is such a weird film.

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