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More book meme!!

Here are ten more books, cuz I am a meme ho:

1. For never did winds blow as strong as they blew there, rushing across Ladyman Barrow, bending back the trees. It seemed to be the gathering place for all the winds of the world.

2. If Mike had been in time for breakfast that fatal Easter morning he might have gathered from the expression on his father's face, as Mr Jackson opened the envelope containing his school report and read the contents, that the document in question was not exactly a paean of praise from beginning to end.

3. And Valancy had long ago decided that she would rather offend God than Aunt Wellington, because God might forgive her but Aunt Wellington never would. - The Blue Castle, by LMM (katie__pillar)

4. "Rupert at his most cheerful," said Crispin, laying his hand on his friend's arm for a moment in a private gesture of affection. - Peter's Room, by Antonia Forest (ankaret)

5. "We like to 'Hail' the Manor together, you see. It seemed a pity for you not to join in."

6. It was Tessa's week to alter the calendar. She peeled off yesterday's leaf and dropped it into the wastepaper-basket. The new date was one she was to remember all her life.

7. In the huge airy kitchen with its Vent Axia fan (his Mum had always wanted one of those: always going on about her Vent Axia) they helped themselves to real fruit juice from the refrigerator and took it out with them into the garden. - A Proper Little Nooryeff, by Jean Ure (gingerelanor)

8. When he got downstairs Vicky and Mr Theo were lighting a fire and Dave was cleaning his English horn. - The Young Unicorns, by Madeline L'Engle (mrsrev)

9. Private education may be a divisive abomination, it may leave its product weird and ridiculous in all kinds of insanitary and peculiar ways, it may have held back the social development of the country, it may be responsible for all kinds of disasters and unpleasantnesses, but in my case it never left me feeling starved of parental love and affection.

10. The in-flight movie appears to be yet another romantic comedy about a harried young career woman who finds love in a completely unexpected place. My travelling companion is watching it with rapt attention, as she swills from her many, many bottles of water. - Every Boy's Got One, by Meg Cabot (mrs_redboots/bookwormsarah)
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