Miss Squeenie McPimpalot (chaletian) wrote,
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot

A wee squeenly update...

1. Huzzah for the wonder of the National Trust! I had a lovely weekend larking at my parents' and Belton House, and I hope everyone else did too (notwithstanding mon pere's unrestrained showing off everywhere, and beating everyone up on a whim. Like he does. And Saturday was *such* a nice day.

2. Finally watched all the Dark Angel I've been taping for the last few weeks, which was fine and dandy. Ah, Max and Logan are so meant for each other. And Alec is lovely, notwithstanding his dubious moral code.

3. Prison Break. Ah, Prison Break. Pretty men in prison. Clever, pretty man in prison. Ah, the angst. The woe. The pretty cleverness. *lesigh*

4. Well, yes. Someone has deleted all but about three posts of the CBB. Thanks for that, chaps. You clearly have sad, unhappy little lives if you get your kicks out of being so randomly malicious. I'm actually tending to more feel sorry for them, as I have rather a larky, happy life with family and friends bopping around being all dandy and fabbity, so :-P to you with knobs on (as I said to Chancellor Metternich at the Congress of Strasbourg...).
Tags: cbb, larking, tv
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