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La la la

Ah, I love the way my subject lines are so deeply informative...

1. Until five minutes ago (cheese and pickle sandwiches: food of the gods) I was starving hungry, which is absurd given that I had two weetabix and a croissant for breakfast, not to mention barbecued chicken and rice for tea at about quarter to ten last night, with chocolate tart to finish.

2. Chris came to visit the LN last night. He was very late (grr) but was forgiven on account of being a rather nice chap (albeit BLATANTLY turning into our father... not that *he* isn't nice... it's just not the first word that springs to mind *g*). He went round the flat being very manly which was rather amusing. I made barbecued chicken with a sort-of recipe that did work in the end, though I had to resort to emergency sauce-making when I realised I only had half what I actually needed. La.

3. Tonight there will be experimenting with toad-in-the-hole (fuck knows where the name came from... I'm hoping that it DIDN'T use to be made with real toads...): Katie, will definitely need my hand holding over this one, because the concept of Yorkshire pudding scares me. Nevermind, there will be peas as well, and they make all things well.

4. Possibly I should try cleaning up the rice I threw all over the hall carpet. I mean, Katie cleared up the rice she threw all over the counter, so I can't be slacking...

5. Laundry! I need to do some laundry!

6. Apparently mon père intends to come and visit next week, on his way down to my parents' dentist. Because, yes, despite the fact that we haven't lived in Tunbridge Wells for WELL OVER TEN YEARS, they both still go to the dentist there. They are MAD.

7. When I get paid I am going to buy mixing bowls. Because they are pretty. And also kinda useful.

8. I will also send £1.50 or however much it is to Be-Ro (who make flour, for those unfamiliar with the name) to get the latest edition of their little recipe book. They've been doing one since the year dot (my grandmother has several incarnations, going back to about the 50s, I think). I had a 60s one, but I left it at the last place and I'm too wibbly to e-mail Ye Landlord and ask him to send it on. I just hope it still has my favourite ginger biscuit recipe in it...

This is a remarkably foody post... ah, well. C'est la vie.
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