Miss Squeenie McPimpalot (chaletian) wrote,
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot


Well, see how things are bopping along merrily in the Land of Liss. Katie and I are now happily ensconced in the Poirot Flat and sort of getting to grips with everything. The living room is more or less decorated (a bit of glossing to do still) and looks really rather nice. At some stage we will make our table, but probably not until we’ve actually got some chairs, I think. And curtains, possibly, also a plan…

Richmond is a bit nice, and we have discovered the assorted cinemas and theatres and places to acquire books (there is the library, obviously, and the usual bookshoppy suspects, as well as a children’s bookshop which is fantastic). And there is a Giraffe!! Which obviously we got quite excited about. Ah, the brunchy possibilities are many and varied.

The CBB died, which was rather annoying, but it turns out that it was because I hadn’t renewed the domain name – which I might have done sooner if the hosting company had actually bothered to tell me that I needed to – grrrrr. Anyway, has now been done, so hopefully it will all be working soon. La.

And in more recent news, I am sadly back at work, after a very pleasant week off. Ah, the wonder of relaxation and reading my way through Katie’s Dimsie books (I told my father and he laughed at Dimsie’s name, which I think was a little harsh, personally). The weekend was weekendy – on Friday evening we had the pleasure of Xanthe’s company (ah, see how she is our first official visitor) which is always good, then on Saturday we spent most of the day walking to and from Richmond centre, as you do. In the evening, we went to the theatre to see a highly farcical play and eat wine gums and licorice allsorts. Sunday was spent… actually, can’t remember what happened on Sunday. A lot of lazing about in pyjamas, and watching about five episodes of Dark Angel back to back, and painting shelves and a room and that sort of thing. Then more watching of the television. And lying about. And having a bath.

There was porridge for breakfast. See how I am totally getting the better side of the deal in the Love Nest. Huzzah.

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