Miss Squeenie McPimpalot (chaletian) wrote,
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot


Who the fuck designed hostipal notes? Who thought it was a good idea to have to try threading a million pages onto two little bendy bits of plastic? WTF??! It's ridiculous... and the doctors lark about in an 'ooh, this all seems to have come undone, Laura, sort it out, will you?' in a oh-won't-take-a-minute sort of way, when they know perfectly well it's a complete pain of job, hence not doing it themselves.


On the plus side, ah the fineness of House last night... The first half was full-on House and Wilson being all friendy and I *swear* flirty, in a manly we're-friends sort of way. And how can you not love the whole 'I've been borrowing increasing amounts from you'...'You're trying to objectively measure our friendship?' thing.

I have a cold. On the sucky side. And on Monday, I have the excitement of 'Corporate Induction' to look forward to, though apparently we get a free lunch, so it's not all bad. Although my original induction training was actually quite interesting in parts, I suspect this *will* be a bit rubbish - an introduction to the party line on how great GSTT is, etc. Possibly with an appearance by the Chief Exec - you know how they like to wheel them out occasionally to make nice so it looks like they care...

The NHS has made me so cynical. Alas.

Also, on a more exciting note, there appear to be about a million Chalet School fans over on theladiesloos (not including the ones I knew about already *g*). Huh. See how EBD gets everywhere...
Tags: chalet school, hypochondria, rant, tv, work

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