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A Where Were You type meme

Gacked from compressedchaos...

1. When John F. Kennedy was shot (22/11/1963)
Wasn't yet in this world. Alas. Um... my parents would have been in primary school somewhere in Sheffield, though...

2. When Mt. St. Helens blew (18/5/1980)
Ooh, getting there... my mother was about six months pregnant with my at this stage (Leeds).

2a. When the Falklands War was declared (02/04/1982)
Not quite 2, so living in Birkenhead, with my mother pregnant with Chris.

3. When the space shuttle Challenger exploded (28/1/1986)
I was five-and-a-half, so again with the not particularly remembering. I had probably just started school (Prettygate School in Colchester, Essex).

4. The Hillsborough disaster. (15/4/1989)
Eight. Still not remembering these things. I was living in the Isle of Man... I think this was the month before we went to America for the first time en famille.

5. When the Berlin Wall fell (7/11/1989)
Nine. I vaguely, vaguely remember this happening. Was still living in the Isle of Man, but this was during my one term at the Buchan.

6. When Nelson Mandela was released from gaol. (11/2/1990)
Still nine. Again with the vague remembering but not really sort of thing. (Presumably had just moved to Tunbridge Wells.)

7. When Thatcher resigned (22/11/1990)
Ten! Double figures! I *do* remember this one - I remember sitting on the floor in the living room playing the with the fringe on the rug when they announced the results of the leadership contest. (Still in Kent.)

8. When the Gulf War began (16/1/1991)
Still ten. I don't remember the war beginning, but I do remember having to do a project about it at school, mainly because I hated doing projects. We had to cut articles out of the papers and what have you. (The Kentiness continues.)

9. When Princess Di was killed (31/8/1997)
I was in Tennessee when this happened, actually, as one is. It was at the end of our holiday - we'd spent most of the summer there, because my father had been living there all that year. M&D had gone off for groceries or something, and Chris and I were watching TV when there was a news bulletin announcing it. I sort of thought they were taking the piss, randomly, because it seemed so unlikely. When my parents came home, I told my mother and she started crying, which seemed really weird. I think it's because they were more or less of an age, and had had children at the same sort of time - Prince William is only a month older than Chris.

10. When Omagh was bombed (15/8/1998)
Don't really remember this, actually, though I do remember the aftermath. This was the summer I finished school, so I think I might have been in Italy at the time (had been in Ireland earlier in the summer, in a friends-going-on-holiday-after-A-levels kinda way). (I was still technically living at my parents', near Chesterfield.)

11. When Bush was first announced President (7/11/2000)
Um, see how I seemed to be taking no interest in the news... actually, this was a month after I, er, left Oxford, so I don't think I was actually paying any attention to anything that wasn't in my head. Although, having said that, I do seem to remember being rather disgusted, so... (Living in random hostel in Camden Town.)

12. When terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center (11/9/2001)
Living in Streatham, temping at Chelsea & Westminster. I didn't find out all day, because there wasn't any radio or TV in my department, and I was by myself in the office. I got all the way home without noticing (thought the signs advising people about checking with airlines etc in the stations were just because of delays or something), and was watching Star Trek when Chris called me and told me to put the news on. Les parents were in Italy, even though that is self-evidentally miles away from America, I was completely freaked until I spoke to them. My dad was full of woe, as the company he was working for at the time had offices in one of the towers, and he'd bopped off there on many an occasion for meetings and suchlike.

13. When the Queen Mother died (30/3/2002)
I was randomly at my parents, watching Buffy, when there was one of those scrolling alerty things, so ma mere made me switch over to the BBC news.

14. When Columbia disintegrated during re-entry over Texas. (1/2/2003)
Er, missed this. *shame* (Living in, er, Camden, I think.)

ETA: All the other places I was living... *g*
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