Miss Squeenie McPimpalot (chaletian) wrote,
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot

Random updatiness

La. Well, not much has been happening, really.

- Went to Megan's party today, which is alwyas entertaining, and bounced on the floor. Was in a slightly meepy mood, no doubt due to the fact that I was in a situation with lots of strange people and no clearly defined role for myself. That never bodes well.

- Have given ma mère a list of the things I would like from home, svp, carefully prioritised. The chintzy grandmother chair is at the top of list, as I think things to sit on while watching TV will be important in the LN.

- The consultant I work for is on leave this week - hurrah!

- Am going to the Giraffe and thence to the cinema avec la katie__pillar, which will be fun.

- Must pack more tomorrow. Packing. It's a plan. I found the motherlode of boxes in the basement earlier in the week, and brought them all home on Thursday, so now I mun reconstitute and then fill them.

- Apparently House's parents appear in the next episode of House - am looking forward to it already!!
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