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Bonjour tout-le-monde

It's a Friday. This is always *such* a good thing. La.

Well, last night katie__pillarand I bopped off to see Brokeback Mountain which was very good indeed and made me weep (just a little), then I did my trick of making people practically fall-down laughing (yep, I am *that* hysterically funny... either that, or people really, *really* like mocking me), then we bought ice cream and pizza and went home to eat it and watch TV. Ah, Hotel Babylon... Ah, House... such fine things. And House was being all lovely to Cuddy at the end, and he and Wilson were chilling out in a groovy kinda way, and it was all good. Apart from the part where they chopped off blokey's hand, obvs. Then there was the random documentary about people who've had sex changes and then wanted to go back... bless channel 5.

And Cameron is *so* annoying. I'm warming to Chase again, despite his whole Vogler treachery (which actually completely reminded me of Sandy in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, except for the part where House knows exactly who dobbed him in, and isn't completely *fixated* by it).

Shall we do A Cock and Bull Story on the 15th, then, Katie, and take advantage of the wonder of Orange?

Am concerned nobody's going to buy my things on eBay. Woe. On the plus side, one pair of the shoes I bought don't fit me (well, they're a size too small, which may account for it, but I have a pair of size 5 shoes that were more-or-less OK, so I was hoping for the best, as they were just what I was looking for), and I've decided I don't like the blouse, so I will take them back, and will thus have spent practically no money on my Wednesday rampage.
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