Miss Squeenie McPimpalot (chaletian) wrote,
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot

A Letter for Yuletide

Well, this is exciting! My first year doing Yuletide!

So, dear person writing for me, yay! I can pretty much guarantee I will be delighted with whatever I get, so please don't worry if you don't think you can write for my particular fantasies. In general terms, I just like a nice story with a general preference for style over substance. I don't mind slash, but tbh none of the fandoms I've chosen are ones in which I tend to slash anyone. However, if that's where your writing takes you, that's fine. I like humorous dialogue and happy endings and families sticking up for each other when it comes down to it.

Anyway, specfics...

Chicago Stars

Oh, I just re-read all my SEP books, and I do love them! I don't really care what you write as long as it has a good representation of characters (particularly fond of Annabelle), all being their usual awesome selves. If you want to bring in other SEP characters, that's fine by me.

Just William

Basically I would die of happiness if I got a story about William and Violet Elizabeth Bott having hilarious hijinks together as grown-ups (or almost grown-ups), with bonus points for Mr and Mrs Brown, Mrs Bott, Robert and/or Ethel, and of course the Outlaws. DIE OF HAPPINESS. Especially if it ended with a kiss under the mistletoe... *sappy smile* Violet Elizabeth would be a woman to reckon with, and I can't imagine William ever losing his awesomeness. THEY SHOULD FIGHT CRIME.


I love Psmith. I'd love to read a future!fic of Psmith being Psmithly in the course of his marriage to Eve, but I'd by happy with mostly anything (though I'd prefer gen, as pretty much all the Psmithfic is Mike/Psmith).

Tommy & Tuppence

I'd really like something early in their marriage. Domesticfic would be lovely! Or solving a mystery! OR SOLVING A DOMESTIC MYSTERY!

So, there we go! I hope you have fun, and really, please don't stress over it if you fancy going a bit off-piste. Thank you very much!
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