October 3rd, 2013

hp luna

A note or two

Lol whoops that didn't last very long, did it! I got a bit distracted by tumblr, I can't lie; that seems to be its very purpose in life. Also distracted by the ongoing, incessant wankery of the current government, which basically just makes me want to slit people's throats. I'm not even that bothered about whose, so watch out there.

In other news, off to Macbeth again at the Globe, very excited (very excited indeed; have become Welsh). We also went to see Ibsen's Ghosts at the Almeida, which seemed to be mostly near-incest and syphilis; good times there. Loved the set, and the lighting was excellent - I assume the original play doesn't take place in Scotland, but using that as the early-nighted landscape against which the action took place worked really well. Thumbs up.

I continue to rail against this unpleasant weather, but as yet to no avail.