December 30th, 2006

glee sue sylvester

7 Things

1. I need an icon of Noel Fielding and Russell Brand saying "Goth Detective Agency". Oh, so badly.

2. I am in the library, using the internet. Bless the internet-in-libraries concept.

3. The PF is a big mess. Obviously. I will clear it up before Katie comes home. Honest.

4. Um... there must be more. I had sausage sandwiches for tea last night. That was fun.

5. Saddam Hussain has been executed. How weird is that? It's like my childhood has come to an end.

6. I HAVE MADE BADGES!!! LOTS OF BADGES! KATIE, I HAVE MADE YOU TWO. THEY ARE FINE. I'm glad you like Supernatural. I have just had your text about Dean in a plane. It is genius. Alas that there were no snakes.

7. I hope everyone has a pleasant New Year's celebration, and a happy and prosperous 2007.
glee sue sylvester


Oh, and I have acquired photographic evidence of my young cousins' emo hair. They both have, it transpires. I am so proud of them.