December 26th, 2006

glee sue sylvester

Eh oop, folks!

Ah, la journée des boîtes: a great day of nothingness. Chris has bopped off to visit Bex et sa famille, Daddy's watching the DVD I bought him (David Lynch, so ranking high in the weirdiness stakes), Mummy's lounging on the sofa. Christmas Day was very jolly, and we were actually allowed a lie-in - a Christmas miracle in itself! None of this mother larking around in dressing gown at seven o'clock singing carols at us, then...

I received many fine presents, and as a family we congratulated ourselves on our mad present buying skillz, because we were all really quite successful. I got my le creuset - huzzah! I can now make rich beef stew *properly* - am very pleased. Et ma tante got me a groovy apron (yes, kitchen minions, this means you too may be aproned up when necessary, and not just in the hostess pinny) and, AND, a typhoon chocolate fondue set WITH a pink bowl that matches my typhoon lasagne dish!!! How much joy!!! And many other delightful things, including, of course, the obligatory chocolate orange (Golly, what could this be? I shall never guess!... you know the drill...). Christmas dinner was lovely, we watched TV, all was merriness and brightness.

AND, I discovered that my birth had been commemorated between my parents by the mater buying the pater a copy of Bertrand Russell's History of Western Philosophy. There is even an inscription to that effect, in my mother's best italianate handwriting. I feel so proud.

Also, I finally received my birthday present from Chris: the box-set of the Man from UNCLE films. However did he possibly know that was what I wanted? I think... yes, I think he is almost definitely psychic.

We went to Hemper Lane to visit the grandparentals on Christmas Eve, and it was lovely to see Grandma, but she was very weak and pathetic, which is so not her, but whatever, she's home now. And Grandad has learned to do mashed potatoes, so every cloud etc etc. Rosie and Andrew were there (Matthew was out doing the Derby evening experience - a thrill for anyone), and Andrew, bless him, has the WORLD'S MOST EMO HAIR. Ever. In the history of the universe. How I laughed at him.