December 2nd, 2006

glee sue sylvester

This and that, hither and yon...

They're getting out the photon torpedoes... it's a serious business. The Wrath of Khan is on; a fine film. I had forgotten its genius.

Anyway, yes. Forgot to LJ about last weekend - we went to Megan's school Christmas fete, which was jolly good fun. Added a tea towel to the PF collection (the classic primary school every small child drawing herself/himself kind). Katie, Kathye and I got COMPLETELY OBSESSED by the tombola, spending almost all of our change on it, and obtaining a bottle of wok oil and a pencil tin. Yay. Our addiction even reached the stage of hitting up Darren and Kathye's father for change. I feel an intervention would not have been out of place.

Today I had a lie in, which was nice, and then wandered around the PF somewhat aimlessly while Katie did useful things like clean and make mackerel pate. (It's yummy. I don't deserve a Katie.) Then we went into Barnes and Oh. My. God. Why have we never been to Barnes before? We went in a million gorgeous little shops, and managed quite well on the present-buying front. There's also a farmers' market type thing, and we pur-chased some very nice apple juice and Katie bought stuff I can't remember the name of, and I had a slice of the most delicious leek, goats cheese and thyme flan, which I will have to attempt to recreate at some point.

Oh, Khan and the Reliant are getting quite blown up. Yay.

So, yep, we walked into Mortlake afterwards, looked in a number of estate agents (with slightly more success than in Barnes), bought a Christmas tree in Woolworths (huzzah) as well as a few decorations. Then we went home and I had a bath parce que being totally and pathetically knackered. Had the rest of lasagne for tea, watched NCIS and CSI (and now Star Trek: "Scotty, I need warp speed in three seconds or we're all dead." - I jest not). Have also done a great deal on the craft front, including shiny bits of paper, cotton wool and glitter. Ooh, just had the Vulcan neck pinch, and Spock transferring his consciousness to Bones. Any minute now it's going to be "The good... of the many... outweighs... the good... of the few... or the one..."
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