September 15th, 2006

glee sue sylvester

Hush, now, don't tell mama...

1. I am a squeen not in the best of health. I am afflicted by a sore throat. There is woe.

2. Ah, Thursday night comedy: it is a fine thing. Watched (as everyone else on my flist seems to have done) Extras, That Mitchell and Webb look (ah, Sir Digby Chicken Caesar… the BMX Bandit…) and finally Mock the Week. I do like a bit of Mock the Week. And not just because of its name.

3. I have listened to the Wicked CD about three million times and am not yet bored.

4. Will be getting the first series of Dark Angel imminently, which I’m quite excited about, because I haven’t really seen how it all started. Sadly there will be no Alec, but I will bear up.

5. I am already quite bored of the Labour infighting at the moment. Also my cynicism reached new heights a day or two ago when the papers seemed to be full of Gordon Brown weeping over something. I’m sure whatever he was weeping over was weepworthy, but the timing is just so… *so*.

6. Rather splendid French market in Lower Marsh today and tomorrow if anyone’s planning to be in the vicinity.

7. There was chocolate brandy (apple juice) cake. Now it is gone. Oimi.

8. Brownies tonight. I volunteered earlier in the week to be a hibernating thing but Xanthe was not overly impressed.

9. I seem to have stopped reading. This is strange.

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