August 29th, 2006

glee sue sylvester

A bit of this and a bit of that...

1. Had a party. It was great - merci tout le monde for le coming, and suffering through Q Planes (though I maintain it is a fine, fine film - ah, ses monuments, ses cathedrales... - and I have a complete mental block about whether I've used the correct possessive pronoun there, or if I've managed to completely make up a jumble of letters). And also thank you for my presents. Presents are wonderful. Particularly in the shape of a BARRY & DICK VAN DYKE CLOCK!!!!!!

2. Have been watching beaucoup de Supernatural. I am with the loving, not least because of the total and utter prettiness of Jensen Ackles, even if he does have a slightly silly name. Still with the Dean/Faith OTP love...

3. Was most kindly given Waiting For God series 2 & 3 from The Katie (merci muchly), and for some reason I decided that a WFG/Harry Potter crossover was the way forward. Question not the way of the Squeen, for it is fraught with weirdiness...


“So the old coot’s dead, then,” observed the old woman, as she folded up the letter she had just read. “That’s another one gone to the great knees-up in the sky. Still, he was about three hundred and four, so I don’t suppose he had any right to complain.”

She did not expect any reply to her comments. It was Thursday, and her companion was most likely attempting as ascent of the Himalayas with Sir Edmund Hillary. Nevertheless, a reply came.

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