July 9th, 2006

glee sue sylvester

Shame on me...

On Friday night, I utterly destroyed Megan's world view by casually mentioning that Mexican lasagne does not, in fact, contain any pasta. At all. She looked stunned, and horrified, and as if she didn't quite know how to get her head round the world any more. I feel very guilty. Only then we had the leftovers for lunch yesterday, and she was back to referring to it as pasta (it's actually tortillas, for those who haven't had the pleasure), so I think she may have blocked the entire incident from her memory.

I bought a t-shirt from the Gap. It is green. I like green. Which is good, given that my bderoom is now painted bright green. At some stage, I will take a photo, so everyone can see the wonder.

We car-booted this morning, and Katie and I have acquired another 20 quality films. We have run out of video shelf space, so there will be some creative stacking. But I got Memphis Belle and Toy Story and Spaceballs, averaging about 50p each, so yay. Sadly am now utterly and completely broke, which is a little worrying. *strokes the beard*

I continue my love affair with LibraryThing. I now have about 600 books listed, and will soon start on the bulk of my impressive collection of truly trashy romance. Also, I keep remembering more and more books that I once owned, the location of which I am unclear about. I'm hoping they're all safely in the parental attic, but I am not overly confident. I fear Rotherham General Hospital's annual fete may have benefited from my childhood book collection. If so, I will be bitter.

Chocolate banana cake is calling my name (actually, it's Kathye and Katie, but let's not quibble). I mun fly.*

*not literally