March 27th, 2006

glee sue sylvester

Silly Squeen

I am most foolish. And silly. And I got paid on Friday and am almost broke already. On the plus side, 90% of what I had budgeted my money for has already been paid for, so it's not too bad.

My silliness relates to the fact that I have just pur-chased:

- a casserole dish (for stew ce soir - yum!)
- a drinks bottle (wanted a Lego one but there weren't any)
- critical essays on Buffy in the fantab E&C second-hand bookshop
- two pairs of cheapy pyjamas from Peacocks for £12!! Yay for cheap pyjamas! And hopefully these ones won't leave red dye all over my sheets...

This is as well as earlier random purchases over the weekend:

- a book on the Earl of Strafford (2nd hand)
- random chicklit book (2nd hand)
- The Princely Courts of Europe 1500-1750 (relevant to my course, with lots of pretty pictures, and very cheap in cheapy bookshop, so I have NO GUILT WHATSOEVER)
- Lego key-rings
- random things to send to people
- BBC History magazine
- folder to put my blossoming A220 notes in
- random Margaret Forster book (2nd hand; bought because it had a pretty front cover - I am that shallow)
- tights a-go-go from Superdrug
- DVD of Practical Magic, cuz I like it and it was supercheap

I am a ONE-WOMAN SPENDING MACHINE! Admittedly none of these things was particularly expensive, but they ADD UP. However, I feel better for writing them down; it makes me feel all controlled.

Anyway, yes, the weekend. It was fab. Fabbity with a side order of bon. On Friday Meg came over and I made spinach risotto (chop-chop-chop, stir-stir-stir, want to eat: these were indeed my instructions) which actually tasted risotto-y, so hurrah. And summer berries ice cream from HD which I worship.

Saturday we bopped off to Legoland to meet les autres, and spent the day larking round Lego-themed exciting things, notably roller-coasters which I LOVE. I mean, yes, sort of scare the shit out of me, but only in a superficial way because I absolutely LOVE going really fast and up and down. So rarely happens these days. Back in the day, my father would sometimes whisk me off for a drive in his superfast car and we wouldn't tell M just how fast we'd been whizzing round ye country lanes, but gosh it was fun! Of course, nothing goes particularly fast in London. Alas.

Lego keyrings. The ultimate souvenir. I will say no more.

Except that I have a Lego ghost for a keyring that Glows In The Dark. It is so fucking cool.

Bones: such class TV.

Sunday plans didn't entirely work out, but we went and bought enough food for an army in Sainsbury's so that was productive, then brunched at the Giraffe - yay. Although my smoothie was a little light on the mint front, I am disappointed to report. Then we shopped a bit and went home, whereupon I worked for about 3 minutes and then came and fell asleep on the sofa. Grr. If my essay thing gets done by 4 April I will swoon.