March 22nd, 2006

glee sue sylvester

pootling about

I’m actually taking an active interest in the contents of this year’s Budget. Of course, I’ve looked at it before now, but now (well, in the past few years, I suppose) what’s decided actually has an impact on me. I am an adult. Full on with the adultiness. This still freaks me out occasionally.

Anyway, on to more humdrum things. My dear papa was bopping about the metrop. yesterday, and came over the LN for tea and to stay the night. Sadly, we have very little exciting food in at the moment, and so he took me off to dinner. La. It was fine indeed. Then he bought orange juice. There can apparently be no coping in the morning without orange juice. Which I spose is fair enough, really. It was rather nice to see him again, it mun be said. I hope he wasn’t being annoying this morning, Katie!

I forgot my lunch. Grr.