March 17th, 2006

glee sue sylvester

Thoughts for the day

1. What is going on with the post at my old house? In the last couple of days, the following have been forwarded on to me:
- a cheque from an eBay bod, postmarked 12 Feb
- a letter from the Student Loans Co from mid Feb
- a CHRISTMAS CARD from my grandparents
- a letter from Girlguiding with census form thing from JANUARY
- the Winter edition of the NCC journal (I thought I was due another one)
- and something else that I can't remember.
WTF? This is all stuff I should have received before I moved (like, MONTHS before I moved, in some cases) - where's it been? Grr.

2. Hmm, despite my culinary enthusiasm yesterday, everything went a bit wrong. Ginger biscuits were a complete wash out. My grandmother dictated me the recipe from one of her earlier Be-Ro books, and though most of it sounded fine, there was a random egg bopping about in the middle, which I don't remember having in my recipe. I had scales issues because I am incompetent. And then I used Pure instead of margarine to melt in with the syrup, and I think this may have been where it went wrong, actually, because that was the same element used when Rosie and I made fake flapjack for the Night Hike (the fakeness was due to not having enough cornflakes so making it with, er, cocopops...) and as those present may remember, the flapjack was a bit of a disaster, being far too brittle and, er, rock hard. Similar problem with ginger biscuits, so my current hypothesis is that Pure and golden syrup melted together is not a happy combination. Just FYI. Anyway, la. And then I attempted to make toad-in-the-hole, which went *slightly* pear-shaped, on account of the middle of it (a) sticking to the bottom of the dish and (b) being a bit too squidgey. Obviously, none of this was helped by me having my usual kitchen dance-of-woe along the lines of 'oh God, it's all going wrong, shit I don't think it's supposed to do that, wahh why is that happening?, oh God we're all going to die of food poisoning, I'm so incompetent I should put my head in the oven, oh. Wait. It's all OK after all' which seems inevitably to accompany any attempt on my part to cook. And I made last minute gravy, but that went wrong too, so basically Katie and I had the crumbled remains of toad-in-the-hole (the sausages were nice, though), peas that had gone a bit cold during the 'shit, gravy!' part of the proceedings, and gravy that was in essence just brown water. But, y'know, hot brown water. Heigh ho.

3. House. What can one say? Actually, was it just me, or was it slightly disconcerting seeing House not being in charge of what was going on, and being a bit 'uh?'? And wanting to slap Foreman. And just wanting to crate Cameron off to Siberia or something for being SO fucking annoying and hugely unethical and pants. Grr. And I love the way that Wilson just pays for House's stuff, even though there's absolutely no need or reason for him to do so. It's like a routine... with House being all *he'll-pay* and Wilson being all *rollseyes-and-paying*. La.

4. Cunningly we taped Bones, so will be able to watch that soon.

5. What is going on with Blossom? What's with this Paris thing? WHEN'S IT GOING TO END? I need resolution, dammit!!
glee sue sylvester

The Secret Seven v. The Famous Five

Have just realised that the Secret Seven had 'SS' written on their door. Tee hee.

What are people's feelings in re the Secret Seven? Cuz I never actually liked them as much as, say, the Famous Five. It was the whole having a club to find mysteries, and then going out and finding them thing. It just seemed a bit desperate compared to the FF who were just larking about on exciting holidays and stumbled across them. The FF were having exciting fun anyway, on account of being on groovy holidays on islands or in gypsy caravans, whereas the SS seemed to do all their detecting in between prep and tea.

Ah, Five Go to Finniston Farm... a fine book indeed. There was a midden. For some reason, this always made me happy. Wasn't that how they knew there had been a castle there? It had all gone, and it was just the midden left. How cool is that? It's like archaeology for small children.
glee sue sylvester

Fuckity fuck

Have just realised that I have TWO assignments due in next Friday: the Latin one is eminently doable (not because I've been doing much work now; more because I did the work when I was 13); the History one will be a nightmare, given that I haven't had sight of any of it since the middle of February. Shit.

I HAVE to do this. I cannot let it me one more thing I haven't finished. Plus, I'm paying the best part of £40 a month, so it's only sensible.

There will be considerable self-loathing if this goes pear-shaped. But never fear, it will probably be suppressed in my head and only brought out when I'm drunk and maudlin.