February 24th, 2006

glee sue sylvester


I hate packing so much when I get to this stage. I've packed all the main stuff - books, DVDs, clothes, linens - now all I have left is the crap that defies categorisation, and just sits there in a ha-ha-you-don't-know-where-to-put-me kinda way. Grr. Nevermind, one day I will wreak my re-wen-gay. Ooh, speaking of, I wonder if my Blackadder DVDs are somewhere accessible - am listening to Meredith Brooks at the moment, who obviously is very fine, but the CD's quite short.

I mun disconnect the computer soon. Alas. Who knows when the love nest will have wireless broadband? This could get traumatic. So, yes, I may be rather absent for the next week or so (am not back at work until 6 March, so can't promise to have reliable internet until then). If anyone should want/need to get hold of me, call my mobile. Or e-mail someone who is likely to have my number if you don't.

Pack, pack, pack... it needs a song really.