February 12th, 2006

glee sue sylvester


Well, that Miss Marple was *much* better (though that may be partly due to the fact that I don't really know that particularly story very well, and was thus not horrified at people taking liberties) - I enjoyed it lots n lots. Also, there was ooh tension (always unusual in Agatha Christie when one has reached this stage in life, on account of having read pretty much everything) and worrying that the culprit was Megan (who was played as the same actress as Mary in the recent Pride & Prejudice). And Emilia Fox (who, continuing the theme, was Georgiana in the BBC version) was very fine, and I was highly amused at the organist declaring that he preferred the Greeks...
glee sue sylvester

Why are some people so FUCKED IN THE HEAD??

Well, some very kindly person has completely fucked over teh CBB. Thanks muchly, there. It's been hacked - am trying to see if there is anything left at all. Bollocksy bollocksy bollocks.

I wasn't sure if I was really bothered that much about the CBB any more, but I bloody am. How dare someone do this? It's so mean.
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