January 30th, 2006

glee sue sylvester

Weekend in the Squeeniedome (sic)

La. Grandparents. Quite mad. And rather lovely.

Saturday: Had a lovely lie-in, larked round the house, played on the internet, inspected the house to make sure nothing had changed. At lunchtime Rosie and Matthew came round, then we all bopped off to young Mary's birthday party (she was 9; I hadn't seen her since she was about 4, so she's grown up some!) and saw various relatives, of which I am richly endowed. Came back, played Scrabble with Matthew (won by about 20 points - huzzah! - though given that he's just turned 18 would have been a bit embarrassing if I hadn't), had tea by fire. All well and jolly. G&G were mainlining Mozart all evening, so I pottered about on t'internet then went to bed.

Sunday: More with the lying-in, to my grandparents' despair! Grandma and I embraced the computer: I showed her how to work the whole address book concept in Outlook, then we Googled the general knowledge crossword clues, which was, as always, great fun. Reigate used to be called Cherchefelle - who knew? Had lunch. Pottered around a bit, watched Charlie Brown, had tea by fire again - I toasted tea-cakes on the fire, which always makes me feel like I'm in Little Women or something. Ooh, and we listened to the original recording of Tell Me On A Sunday, which was nice.

Ooh, and Katie, my Great-Uncle-Ted-by-marriage says he has an electric drill going begging should we need one. I can't see that we will, but thought I would pass it on. *g*
glee sue sylvester

More random thinking...

Ah, more pseudo-philosophical ramblings...

Further to my earlier musings, is it possible to have an objective world at all? If every person experiences life through their own lenses, making it uniquely their own and not shared with any other, is there such a thing as ‘the world’? Because who would be aware of it? If no one can see it (and I use ‘see’ loosely), can it be said to exist, or is just a theoretical construct to bring together otherwise separate individuals? You can walk part someone on the road, but if no-one notices, it has not happened. You do not notice, so it is not part of your world. He has not noticed so it is not part of his. If there is no-one else to record it, then it cannot be said to have happened.

Is it possibly that such a thing as the Truth exists, independently of any individuals?
glee sue sylvester

To do this evening

- Put laundry away
- Put more laundry on
- Buy more washing powder *g*
- Build stolen boxes with stolen sellotape
- Pack away the rest of my books
- Watch Life on Mars and Prison Break
- Pick up crap off floor
- Do another round with a black bag
- Re-format the old computer
- Wash (pots and myself… not together)
- Take down shelves by the window