January 24th, 2006

mp god

Mad, mad world

Just came across a particularly entertaining book in the hospital's WHSmiths: The Stargate Conspiracy. See, the ancient Egyptian gods were really aliens, and they're coming back...

(a) Oh, please. Just... tchah!

(b) Hmmmmm. *strokes the beard* Let me see, does this concept ring a bell with anyone? Just a small, Richard Dean Anderson-shaped bell? (OK, that would be a weird bell, but go with it...)

This merely confirms my belief that 90% of this world's inhabitants are complete and utter LOONIES.

And cursed clinic clerks!

CC: I'm looking for some notes.
Me: Mmm? (with an enquiring sorta intonation)
CC: I said I'm looking for some notes.
Me: Yes. And...? (again with the enquiring intonation, only doubled this time)
CC: They're coming to clinic tomorrow.
Me: Yes, I've grasped that, yon FOOL! Why *else* would you be asking for them? WHAT ARE THE PATIENTS' NAMES? You know, that useful information I'm waiting for before I can actually HELP you! (all in my head, obviously) Can you give me their names, please.
CC: They came to clinic last Wednesday... or maybe it was the Wednesday before.
Me: (Yes, fascinating, thank you very much.) Er, their *names*, please.
CC: See, they're booked out to you on the *system* (for some reason clinic clerks always over-emphasise the word 'system' - it's like it gives them some kind of external validation in life, or something).
Me: Just TELL me their FUCKING NAMES!!!!!

And it all goes downhill after that...

Anyway, they're a complete bunch of numpties. Or antoinettes. Whichever word works for you.
glee sue sylvester


I was just doing my usual evening Radio Times check, and read the synopsis of tonight's Shameless, and felt the urge to share:

The rest of the Chatsworth Estate is more concerned at the news that "the social" are coming round to check up on benefit fraud. As almost everyone is illegally claiming, it means half the estate has to pretend to be someone else when they knock on the door.

Today's Metro described a little more:

Officials descend and Carl's cash sideline - posing as the child of several different households - takes off.

Ah, tis always entertaining...
glee sue sylvester


Opened shoebox and found:

1. Presents for my parents from Austria;
2. Digital camera;
3. FOCS mag that had my Verity-Ann article in that I thought was lost;
4. Two books I bought and obviously lost before reading, including guide to Paris for when I *finally* decide to go (ooh, fun long weekend larking, anyone?);
5. EBD's short stories (do you still want it, rosyposypie?);
6. And, huzzah! my PSP7 CD and extra add-on-y bits!! ETA- Which also, obviously contained my Nero CD. *headdesk*

And edited again: megaleena, could you perchance email me your address for the purposes of CD delivery? Finally... *g*
glee sue sylvester



I am offering for sale the following items (exclusive of P&P; all are either unread or in excellent condition):

GGBP Marjorie & Co (Lorna Hill) - 7.50
GGBP Stolen Holiday (Lorna Hill) - 7.50
GGBP The Highland Twins at the Chalet School (EBD) - 12.50
GGBP The Abbey Girls (EJO) - 10
PB MISSING Sanctuary (Meg Cabot) - 2

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