January 22nd, 2006

glee sue sylvester

Anyway, yes...

Well, I had an e-mail from the hosting company saying that the only thing to do, other than upgrading to a dedicated server, was to switch off load-sharing thingy (that spreads server usage over several servers) and then switch it back on, in the hope that chaletian.com would be spread over servers that weren't so busy this time. Unfortunately, larking about with the server options plays merry hell with the site actually functioning, as it doesn't know whether it's coming or going.

I'm hoping this will sort itself out in a few hours. If it's still dodgy in the morning, I'll email the company again.
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glee sue sylvester


I was told I would be phoned. And it was a LIE.

ETA: And stupid LJ won't let me post this. *tries again*

ETA2: My icon speaks the truth. LJ still spurns. It's like a theme...

ETA3: Why does the world HATE ME???
glee sue sylvester


Well, notwithstanding my fabulous busy-ness (yes, I know, but 'business' looks wrong in this context) yesterday, I don't think it's going to happen today. Still in dressing gown drinking (unusually) a cup of tea and printing out the details of the WF to send to my grandmother, while listening to I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again (speaking of, does anyone else like this?).

La. Bored. Kathye, I missed your call (suspect was in loo, just FYI, everyone *g*), so if you want to try again...

Need to get dressed. Sort things out. However, I did put some more laundry on, and sorted through two boxes of crap, so I suppose it's not too bad.

ETA - And it wasn't a lie, parce que Katie called and I felt all unspurned. Which was good.