January 21st, 2006

glee sue sylvester

Making a list...

Yes, I too am attempting to sort out, declutter and start packing. So, here is a list. Ugh. I hate tidyhouseworking.

- Take out black bags that have been clarting up room for nearly two weeks (there's just crap in them, nothing going off !!)

- Clear crap off desk

- Do black laundry that's been on floor for about two weeks

- Do red laundry in box

- Take books up to charity shop

- Go through the old laundry bag that was used as a suitcase of sorts when moved in *May* and hasn't been opened since - many of those clothes can clearly be got rid of as I am evidently uninterested

- Pack all the paperwork on the desk shelf. I might possibly even sort it out, but probably won't

- Pack some more books

- Make a concerted effort to put the million and three videos and DVDs back into the right boxes

- Washing up

And I think that'll do for now.
glee sue sylvester

Le Saturday

Yum - just had pancakes while I watched Rosemary & Thyme which is frankly a most ridiculous programme!

Anyway, yes. I'm sure you'll all be delighted to hear that I did everything on my list (by about four o'clock as well - yay me), but now I'm not much tidier, just fundamentally more organised.

Whale is dead - alas.

I managed to get the red washing on the line - hurrah! I will not tell mama this, as she will leap upon the 'Yes, that's what I've always said, see your old mother knows some things occasionally', but things do always smell nicer when they've been hung out to dry (the one downside to the WF is that we don't have an outside), which was good because it was a sheet and duvet cover among others, and that's much easier to have drying on a line rather than draped about the room.

Have sorted out the videos, DVDs and CDs (it's not that they're in the wrong box, Katie, just that they're not in *any* box), which is good, and put them all in a box. Ditto all the paperwork. Found the beginnings of my now probably notorious article about Grizel that I'm doing for FOCS, and have now packed it so I can't find it, which is a bum cuz I thought I might see about writing some more this weekend.

So, tomorrow:

- Clear all the crap at the side of my bed
- Put away clean clothes
- More laundry
- Find article about Grizel
- Tidy up a bit
- Go through wardrobe which isn't actually being used as a wardrobe so much as a general dumping ground
- Connect scanner (finally: 8 months after moving in here and a month before disconnecting it to move)
- Put various books, DVDs and CDs on eBay
- Install software for burning CDs
- Burn K's Choice CD for megaleena if she still wants it (do you?)
- Pack clothes I won't want before March
- Finalise ocado shopping list for Tuesday

I think that'll do me!
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