January 18th, 2006

glee sue sylvester

So pissed off I could hit something...

Fucking crappity evil arsewiping neanderthal bastards broke into my parents' house yesterday and stole their computer and all their shiny things and my father's nascent DVD collection (of which he is very proud, for it is an extremely fine collection) and almost ALL my mother's jewellery, which is the horrible awful foul part. My father's been giving her jewellery at regular intervals for the last 30 years or so (yes, bearing in mind that they've been together since they were about 17), so there was quite a lot of it larking about in little boxes in the chest-of-drawers. So all the pretty things are gone. And some of them are more or less replaceable and some, like the gold and pearl pendant that was, IIRC, a 21st birthday present from D to M, and which she wore on their wedding day, are completely and utterly irreplaceable. How DARE someone come in and take away the things that mean so much to them. I mean, yes, obviously, material things aren't as important as people blah blah blah, and they can take anything they want as long as they didn't lurk about and hurt my parents, but lots of what was taken had just so much sentimental value and grr argh no words just want to, frankly, stab the evildoers quite badly. And I want to call them a really, really, really rude word, but I won't cuz it's not nice.

I mean, they even took the penny jar in the dining room (worth, at a not-so-conservative estimate, £3.50), and the phone chargers... WTF?
glee sue sylvester

La la la

*hugs to the flist*

You are all very sweet. I would show my parents the comments, but, hey, no computer... *lesigh* Anyway, when I spoke to them at lunchtime they were reconstructing the DVD collection (or, at any rate, writing a list), with my father *blatantly* trying to pretend that they hadn't owned Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. Tchah - the man has no taste for crap!

Marked American Accent: This is the true English courage!

I mean, what can top that as a film opener?

I have packed four boxes. Gosh. Am so productive I almost fell over with amazement.
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