January 6th, 2006

glee sue sylvester

The A-Z of the Squeen

Gacked from katarzyna_m:

A - Accent: RP all the way… more or less. The odd Sheffield influence does occasionally creep in.
B - Breakfast Item: Hate breakfast. I know all about it being the most important meal of the day blah blah blah, but I just can’t eat that early. Brunch… now *there’s* a meal!
C - Chore you hate: Tidying stuff.
D - Dad's Name: Martin
E - Essential everyday item: Hair brush. And will have to agree with Kate on the knickers front.
F - Flavour ice cream: Strawberry (but proper Haagen Dazs strawberry, not the usual muck)
G - Gold or Silver?: Silver
H - Hometown: Tricky – either Sheffield or London, anyway. I suppose I could put up an argument for Leeds but it would be rather misleading.
I - Insomnia: De temps en temps.
J - Job Title: Senior Medical Secretary. The senior part is important, for it means I am a band 4 and not a band 3 – mwa ha ha!
K - Kids: None. Although weird_bird keeps trying to foist hers onto me.
L - Living arrangements: Soon to be love-nesting with katie__pillar - huzzah!!
M - Mom's birthplace: Sheffield. Ditto father’s, grandparents’, great-grandparents’, great-great-grandparents’… you’d think they’d have moved just a little bit. Well, I suppose they managed to move as far away as Leeds to have me.
N - Number of significant others you’ve ever had: 0. That’s so sad. I’m like a pathetic little statistic. I weep for me.
O - Overnight hospital stays: None.
P - Phobia: None, really. Ooh, but the thought of mice running about where I live freaks me out completely.
Q - Queer?: Well, I’m a bit of a weirdy-one. In a good way.
R - Religious Affiliation: Atheist with C of E leanings.
S - Siblings: Mon petit frere.
T - Time you wake up: A trickier question than you might envision. I mean, technically I wake up at about 7.30 but that never usually happens. About eight-ish, usually.
U - Unnatural hair colours you've worn: Many, many shades, but mostly in the red/blonde bit of the hair-colour spectrum.
V - Vegetable you refuse to eat: None, I think. J’aime bien les veg. Not keen on mushrooms when involved in any kind of soup scenario.
W - Worst habit: Too many to list, I’m afraid.
X - X-rays you’ve had: Dunno – I think they z-rayed my middle somewhere when I was about seven.
Y - Yummy: Chocolate brandy cake a la famille. We have some darned fine family recipes, it mun be said.
Z - Zodiac sign: Leo. You can tell, can’t you? Not that I believe in all that, actually…