Miss Squeenie McPimpalot (chaletian) wrote,
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot

An annual sort of meme

Jan: A - Accent: RP all the way… more or less. The odd Sheffield influence does occasionally creep in.
Feb: Have mounted pictures I bought at London Gather.
Mar: The love nest is now connected to the outside world!!
Apr: Huzzah for the wonder of the National Trust!
May: I just checked out all the people on LJ who are listed as having gone to Sheffield High School (which is where I went, obviously, not that I was just randomly looking up schools), and with the exception of one fairly aged person (who finished there when I was 2!), they are all of the born-about-1986 vintage.
Jun: I have been plagued, since I started working at St Thomas’, with a continually decreasing salary.
Jul: Ah, Demolition Man... it's such a fine piece of film-making!
Aug: The Hoff was just on the radio doing an advert.
Sep: Thing the first: article about Alexis Denisof for those who are interested.
Oct: I forgot to mention an annoying occurrence of a few days ago.
Nov: I am wearing: a yellow t-shirt; my nightie; black opaque knee-highs; black socks with pink toes.
Dec: They're getting out the photon torpedoes... it's a serious business.
Tags: lj, meme
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