Miss Squeenie McPimpalot (chaletian) wrote,
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot

Squeenie's Drabble Challenge #11

Bones and popular culture
::as requested by katie__pillar::

The week in the Henderson household went like clockwork, with never a change. Mondays was the A-Team. Tuesdays was Knight Rider. On Wednesdays the girls got their say with Beverley Hills 90210. Thursdays was Star Trek, because Josh, who was nine, insisted, and no-one had the heart to say no to him. Fridays was comedy night, and the kids watched as many sitcoms as they could fit in between dinner and Mrs Henderson despatching them off upstairs to bed, in careful chronological order. Weekends were always weird, because sometimes some of them saw family members, and others went out with friends. There wasn’t much pattern to the weekends, but the weekdays were cast-iron reliable, and the Hendersons knew it and were glad for the security it offered.

But there was one person who remained oblivious to the oil that ran the Henderson household, and it sometimes worried Mrs Henderson, which was silly of her, really. After all, Temperance Brennan was a clever girl, and there wasn’t much doubt, really, that she would get a scholarship, go on to college, and have a good life. But… how normal was it, really, for a sixteen year old girl to spend all her time up in the bedroom she shared with thirteen-year-old Julie, sitting at the scarred desk Mrs Henderson had brought from her parents’ garage? That girl did nothing but work, barely spoke to anyone, barely made eye contact. Sometimes it was like she lived in a different world that had nothing to do with this one.

Mrs Henderson told herself not to worry, because Temperance Brennan was a clever girl who would have a good life. The rest – it didn’t matter so much, surely?

And maybe it didn’t, really. Temperance Brennan was a clever girl, who did win a scholarship, and did go on to college and did have a good life. But she had missed out on the rhythm of the A-Team and Knightrider, of Beverley Hills 90210 and Star Trek, and sometimes she just didn’t know what it all meant.
Tags: bones, fic, sdc
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