Miss Squeenie McPimpalot (chaletian) wrote,
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot

This month's enigma

Well, the new issue of Prospect was out today - huzzah! I got last month's enigma right (would have been a little worrying if I hadn't), and have done this month's, though it took me a good half an hour to figure out the best way to approach it. Once I'd ditched the trigonometric ratios idea and leapt onto the wonder of basic Pythagorus and algebra, it was all fine, though I did have a ridiculous number of variables bopping around (had to use a, b, c, d, x, h, and z, which I personally feel was a tad excessive). But yay for the solving. I feel almost intelligent.

In other news, I have written my article about Grizel, although it needs some fiddling, and I need to actually *look* at a CS book in order to get the odd bit of supporting evidence. It might help. Speaking of, can anyone remember a bit in one of the last books (post Reunion, at any rate) where Grizel is being snippy with people? I know there's a bit somewhere (I think it may be when she's convalescing after childbirth or something) but I haven't a clue where exactly. Any help gratefully received.
Tags: chalet school, maths

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