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Bonjour, mes cheres. Pas beaucoup de choses exciting have passé, but I thought I would make un petit update.

This has been a fairly uneventful week, the only outing being une visite au cinema to see The Devil Wears Prada, which was mighty fine, though sadly lacked the comedy French we are coming to expect in our cinema treats.

This weekend Katie, Pim and I are heading northwards, in a tour of the North Country, encompassing Leeds, Harrogate and Fountains Abbey. Back at Guides on Tuesday, going to see the wonderful Tom & Viv at the Almeida with Xanthe on Wednesday, being an audience for HIGNFY on Thursday with Katie, and bopping off to a firework display on Friday with Kathye and Darren (and Pim, I think I am right in saying?). On Saturday, Chris is moving, so may lunch with him and the mater, depending on plans. Sunday is Legoland mit the Brownies – huzzah! Have promised my mother a keyring in the shape of a Lego astronaut. Ah, the dizzy whirl of the squeenly life.

All is change at work, and soon I will no longer be working for Richard (huzzah!) but instead for a sort of cabal of doctors, alongside Hana (the mad Czechoslovakian woman who was so put out at my lack of northern accent, for those who have been following my adventures these many years). Alas, Connie will be departing for Guy’s, so I will no longer have amusing WTF Connie stories to tell you all. Helas. Still, trust me when I say I am happy with the pay-off. Sadly, I will be relocating to the 4th floor office, which fills me with doom. It is a medium-sized office containing about six secretaries – yuck. Ah, for the days in the Newcomen Centre, when I had my own office, arranged as I decided, painted in the colour I chose.

It’s time to start thinking about Christmas presents, isn’t it? Bum. It’s always such a trauma. Still, I have a few planned, so it could be worse, I spose.

Did I mention my new bedlinen from Laura Ashley? It’s blue and green and white and very pretty. I love my bed so much. It’s so comfy, and nicely dressed, and I would be quite happened to spend an entire weekend – nay, an entire week, even – there. Am considering taking a week off before Christmas (depending on how much leave I have left) and just doing (a) very little and (b) (when I’m bored with (a), so about Thursday afternoon) all the things I should have done this year. I don’t think I’ll be up in Sheffield for very long.

New SPN last night – I hope it’s up on YouTube for me to watch this evening, otherwise I may actually have to wait until Monday evening – quelle horreur! It is manifestly not to be born.

I have truly discovered the delights of Wikipedia and have been getting quite excited looking things up. I now know about isometric and orthographic projection, as well as inductive, deductive and abductive logic, the Church of England, antidisestablishmentarianism (OK, yes, I already knew about that), James Joyce, Jean Moulin and post-structuralism. On the James Joyce front, I didn’t realise that Exiles was quite as autobiographical as it turns out to have been. So there you go.

Oh, mustn’t forget to purchase a copy of The Week. Actually, on that front, Katie, how would you feel about maybe getting a PF subscription, so that we may be vaguely up-to-date with the world without having to faff about with newspapers that we don’t read?

Chris is being sent to Chicago for two weeks in December for training. I am so envious I might accidentally poison him this evening.
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