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...with a speckle basement membrane zone band staining with IgM, IgG and C3...

Well, a bit of an update, eh? Qu’est-ce qui se passe in the world of la squeen? Well, not that much, really. As I said, I survived the Big Gig. Us 5, whoever they might be, were shockingly bad, Aleesha (?sp) was pretty good, as was the opening act, whose name I didn’t catch. Shayne Ward: as you would expect. Sugababes: fairly good fun. Nylon: sweet lord above, what did they do to the Eurythmics? Am wounded for life. Matt Willis: well, he was quite entertaining; songs were pretty bad. Etc etc. Wore my ‘a constant source of disappointment’ t-shirt, which was beloved by the Guides. Go me.

On Sunday, I trotted off to Kathye’s, and helped pot a couple of plants. Then I played with Megan, which is always fun (although my little finger did suffer – alas). We watched High School Musical which was classic in its cheesiness.

La. Monday. Guy’s. Well, Guy’s once I had remembered that I was supposed to be there. Whoops? Anyway, typed my little socks off, or would have done had I been wearing some. Went home. Made lasagne. I MADE CHEESE SAUCE. This is worthy of note. It went a bit lumpy in the middle (I think I had been listening a little too closely to the story of Rollo Podmarsh and his desire to go round the course in under 100, only to be nearly scuppered at the final moment by his niece, thinking he was on the verge of death, attempting to poison his nightly arrowroot to ease his passing) but some brisk whisking soon sorted that out. I have grown as a person, and feel very nearly accomplished. Sadly could not use my new and very pretty lasagne dish as it would have been ridiculously huge for the two of us. Watched Spooks. Very tense. Alas, poor Ruth! And Harry! And I wish Adam would get on with it, shag the nanny, and move on. Though from the looks of the teaser for next week’s episode, that is imminent.

I keep being bombarded with e-mails about the Special Chief Executive Q&A Session Today!!!! in which my employers foolishly expect me to be interested. To coin a phrase, as if!
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