Miss Squeenie McPimpalot (chaletian) wrote,
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot

Big Gig

Well, I'm back. And I survived. And have a badge to prove it *g*...

I'd forgotten how much I hate teeny pop music. Bah. It actually started out OK but got progressively worse. Wembley Arena was full to bursting with very excited Guides, who were screaming like nothing on earth, but it was actually really cool to see so many together. Our Guides really enjoyed themselves (and all purchased flashing bunny ears, so looked... well... quite...), and A and E, who left last term, bopped up for it, which was very jolly. But am pleased to be home.

And I have a confession to make. Katie, I forgot to set the video for Robin Hood. I'm very sorry. *hides*
Tags: guides, tv

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