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Golly. It's me.

Well, it’s been about fifty years since I updated, so here goes. More or less. I will have forgotten anything LJ-able by the next paragraph, but c’est la vie.

1. Cinema Outings
Saw Little Miss Sunshine and Talladega Nights: the Ballad of Ricky Bobby, both of which were jolly, jolly funny, though Little Miss Sunshine by far the funnier (and indeed better) of the films. We are off to see Children of Men next week, and hopefully The Devil Wears Prada after that. All hail Orange Wednesdays, frankly.

2. Visitors
Katie’s chum Liz came to stay with us for a week, which was very jolly. We had the world’s giantest pizza on Thursday. Just to share. Plus, first time for delivery food in the PF, so a bit of a milestone there, I think.

Then we had the grandparentals this weekend. Which was rather fine, because, as old folk go, they’re rather nice, though obviously my grandmother is stark staring mad, bless her little cotton socks. There was quite a bit of affectionate mocking going on. Once again, there was a noticeable theme of my family being *convinced* that I don’t know anything. It’s actually quite odd. It’s Grandma’s birthday tomorrow, and I have found her a card that is a painting of two naked people cavorting in front of a washing machine. It seemed oddly appropriate.

But yes, we took them off for a tour of our local Sainsbury’s on Saturday morning (always a riveting outing), then trained into London, had lunch at the Giraffe on the South Bank, then walked to the National Gallery and had a wander (Baby Jee! Baby Jee all over the shop!), and then tea. Then we went home and we made our patented lasagne (not actually patented, obviously, but I like a bit of hyperbole with my afternoon biscuit). Yum. Sunday: pobbling round Richmond and then onto Ham House for a spot of NTing. Lost Grandad (still not sure where he’d disappeared to); bought some books. Went home, had a very nice tea, watched Jane Eyre.

3. Work
Got so stressed on Wednesday (am having bad week) that I went home and had two glasses from the bottle of wine that has been lurking in our fridge since Easter. This got me quite, quite drunk, *despite* the fact that I sensibly consumed a biscuit to line my stomach in between glasses. It’s funny, actually, because in the last sentence I first typed ‘quite, quiet drunk’ which would, of course, have been a complete lie. I was very giggly and silly, and I’m quite surprised Katie didn’t abandon me at the side of the road. Hangover on Thursday. Not to be recommended. Am never drinking again.

4. Guides
Guides on Tues went pretty well, although there was some confusion with the instructions about their dashing around at Scout’s pace delivering messages aspect of the evening, so it took longer than planned. Still, it all seemed to go reasonably well. I’m running next week’s meeting, and must, thinking about, burn the CD I’ve put together for their funky music quiz (guess the decade: they’ve got Kaiser Chiefs for the 00s and Spice Girls for the 90s, and I would imagine ABBA for the 70s will be obvious enough, but I wonder how they fare with the others (80s – Eurythmics; 60s – Animals – House of the Rising Sun; 50s – Blue Moon; 40s – Vera Lynn – White Cliffs of Dover (have to check that it is actually 40s and not 30s); 30s – Glenn Miller – Sentimental Music; 20s – Al Jolson). And then they’re doing performy things themselves. All this, of course, is in homage to the Big Gig next Saturday, which obviously they’re getting quite excited about. The adults, less so, mun be said.

There’s other stuff, but I’ve forgotten it.

The US has new Supernatural. I’m so jealous. I wonder if it’ll be up on You Tube this weekend?

Oh yes. Anyone else see The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive? Interesting, n'est-ce pas?

Went to the theatre last night (Voysey Inheritance at the National) but more on that at a later date.

Bought a very pretty new lasagne dish, capable of holding lasagne for more than 4 small people. It's pink and had 20% off in House of Fraser. Yay. Have also acquired about four new v-necked three-quarter-length-sleeved jumpers, mostly in shades of green. Well, three green, one pink. And a new bra. And the following DVDs: Pleasantville, Tristan + Isolde, Sky High, Lady Jane, The Three Musketeers, Twelfth Night, Mansfield Park, Parent Trap (with the Quaid) and Devour (which I know will be shite but was only bought for Teh Pretty, so whatever). Am DVD ho. Have also bought t-shirt which says "a constant source of disappointment". I shall wear it with pride.
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