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A few Dark Angel ponderings...

I’ve been re-watching season 2 of Dark Angel (which is really quite keen, given that I watched most of it not long ago on the Sci Fi channel), and I have to say I think it’s a real shame it got cancelled – I think given the finale, there was huge potential for a third series to explore the dynamics between normal humans and transgenics in quite an instructive, nay even philosophic, way. Heigh ho. It was not to be. But really. Ames White and his freaky breeding cult buddies would not have lain low. And where is Sandeman? Is he dead? Did his own son kill him (cuz, let’s face it, he so would have done, given the chance)? What will happen to CJ? Where did Ray end up? What about the fact that the Manticore people are in fact connected in some weirdy way to the freaky breeding cult (what with that whole snake immunity thing)? Is there hope for human/transgenic relations? Might they end up with supporters in more prominent positions? Could Max get any more emo? Could Alec get any prettier? Could Joshua find love again? Is that transgenic baby going to end up with a Meaningful Freedom-Related Name? And I kinda like the idea of Jam Pony continuing to be a big ole nest of transgenic activity, with Normal bopping around being Normal-like. What is the freaky breeding cult’s big plan? How is Max supposed to stop it? How did Logan manage to learn Minoan so damn quickly? Is Lyedecker definitely dead? How long is that flag going to last in Seattle before the paint gets washed away? What lies ahead for Max and Logan? Can Alec manage to have a normal relationship with someone? Are there more twisty mind-control transgenics a la Mia wandering around out there? Is the government ever going to be held accountable for Manticore?

Enquiring minds want to know…
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