Miss Squeenie McPimpalot (chaletian) wrote,
Miss Squeenie McPimpalot

Thinky thoughts...

Well, I went back to the Newcomen Centre today (had to go over to Guy’s to pick up some R&D papers). I chatted to Philip. And this brought home a few things:

1. I miss working for someone with whom I can have an actual conversation.
2. I miss working for someone who actually gives the smallest damn about my personal fulfilment in the job.
3. I miss working in a department where I am more or less in the loop about what’s going on.
4. I miss having the opportunity to do random things that aren’t just typing or answering the phone.
5. I regret that I was so caught up in anxiety about being less than great in some areas of my job that I never kicked up a fuss about the part where I had so much more work than the rest of the admin team it was *stupid*.
6. I regret that I left. Sort of. Because there was the element of pantsness that eventually got too much for me, but there was so much more job satisfaction to be had.
7. I would so go back if I could. Don’t know if they’d have me. Kinda hope they would. Because I really, really miss it.
Tags: work
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