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Harry Potter and the Magical Key

Title: Harry Potter and the Magical Key
Author: Liss
Fandom: Buffy/Harry Potter
Character(s): Percy Weasley, the Scoobies
Warnings: None
Status: Unfinished

The Scooby gang were sitting in the back room of The Magic Box, plotting their next attempt to deal with Glory. Giles and Willow had their heads stuck in books, Xander's head stuck in a box of doughnuts, and Anya was offering unhelpful advice to anyone who would listen. Tara sat in the corner, her body swaying to some unheard music. Buffy was hitting a punchbag with a marked lack of enthusiasm. Dawn watched them, unhappily aware that she was the cause of their latest worry. If she just went away...

Outside, in the darkened street, a lone figure approached the shop front. Shrouded in a long black cloak, the person, whoever it was, paused for a moment outside the shop and then, with a tap on the door knob and a few muttered words, entered cautiously, looking around. A moment of silence, then the murmur of conversation drew the person's attention to the back of the shop.

Giles raised his head to comment on a particularly erudite, thought probably not particularly relevant, passage that he had just read, and froze. Willow, noticing the sudden cessation of movement, looked up as well, and, hearing her gasp, Buffy ceased her lacklustre attack on the punchbag and glanced towards the door. Standing there was a young woman, dressed entirely in black. She carried a narrow wooden stick that looked suspiciously as if it was meant to be a wand of some description, and Willow was about to launch into a scathing attack on idiots who thought that if they dressed up as the Wicked Witch of the West someone would take them seriously, when Giles spoke.

"Can we help you?" he offered, rising to his feet.

"I've come for the key," came the damning reply. She turned to Dawn and made to wave her wand at her. At this, pandemonium reigned as each member of the Scooby gang surged forward, only to be stopped in their tracks by two softly spoken words.

"Petrificus totalus!" Xander, who had been reaching forward to grab Dawn's hand, found himself entirely unable to move - he was stuck. The others, though he was unable to turn his head to see them, were presumably in the same position. The woman looked at them apologetically, then turned to Dawn, who was looking at her with an expression of terror, swiftly supplanted by a look of anger. Before she could make a move, however, there was another wave of the wand accomapanied by "Imperio!" For a moment, Dawn hoped that whatever the spell was supposed to do, it hadn't worked, as she felt exactly the same, but then the woman continued with, "Come with me," and Dawn found she had no choice but to obey her. The woman cast a regretful glance at the Scooby gang, frozen still, then pulled from her cloak a gold pocket watch. She flicked it open, hmm'd, and then held out her hand to Dawn. "Come along. If we hurry, we'll catch the thirteen past ten," and with that they left the shop.

Half an hour later, it seemed as if The Magic Box would play host to the frozen figures forever. But then there was a disturbance in the doorway, and a rather worried looking man, tall, red-haired, and sporting a pair of horn-rimmed glasses, entered, and, after gobbling in surprise at the sight that met his eyes, he whipped out a wand and performed what was clearly the counter spell. He rather regretted doing this when, three seconds later, he was slammed against a wall, a rather irritated Buffy Summers doing her best to throttle him.

"Where's Dawn?"

"Er, w-what?" he spluttered. At a look from Giles, Buffy released her hold sufficiently for the man not to strangle to death right there and then.

"Where - is - my - sister?" she enunciated clearly, in case the man was deaf.

"She's not here?" he replied, hope dying in his eyes.

"You know she's not. You little friend came and took her away. After she had turned us into statues, of course."

"Well!" At this exclamation, Buffy looked at him enquiringly. "Well! That is a shocking misuse of Ministry power. She knew perfectly well her job was simply to come and observe. If that isn't just like an Auror! She couldn't resist doing it herself. Completely ignored the matter of protocol. I shall have to have a sharp word with Cornelius Fudge about this! We can't have Aurors going off half **** and -" At this point he tailed off, as Buffy's hand at his throat meant he couldn't actually breathe, let alone continue in his admonitions. One look at her face let him know that dressing down the Auror wasn't exactly what she was expecting to hear.

"Y-yes, well..."

"Do you mind telling us who you are?" asked Giles mildly. Buffy released him again, and he drew himself up importantly, adjusting his black robes with fingers that shook slightly.

"Percy Weasley, Ministry of International Magical Cooperation. And you would be...?"

"Giles. Rupert Giles." A look of concentration crossed Percy Weasley's face, and then he frowned at the older man in disapproval.

"Hmm. Serious misuse of magic several years ago, wasn't it? Yes, someone died, I remember reading. Didn't bring you in, of course - you were living in the Muggle world; wouldn't have worked. Parents wouldn't let you attend Hogwarts, I suppose. Well, that's always a bad decision," and he sniffed judiciously.

"WHERE IS MY SISTER?" shouted Buffy, clearly not happy with the way the conversation was going. Percy looked at her, rather affronted.

"Yes, well. Your sister. That would be the Key, correct? Yes, all right," he hurried on, warily watching Buffy's hand, which was clenched into a rather worrying fist. "Well, I daresay Loveday's taken her off somewhere." There was a moment's silence, then it dawned on the Scooby gang that that was all Percy Weasley had to say on the subject. Buffy gaped at him, and Willow, who had been watching from behind, walked forward, a look of determination on her face. She started chanting a rather handy little spell that made the victim unable to speak anything but the truth. To her surprise, Percy raised his wand, muttered a couple of words, and the spell sort of fizzled out in mid-air. It was at this stage that Percy took stock of where he actually was, as well as noticing the other people in the room. Ignoring Xander, Anya, and the still-rocking Tara, he advanced on Willow, his eyes gleaming with interest.

"Are you registered?" he asked. Willow shook her head. "Which school did you attend?"

"Um...Sunnydale High," she replied uncertainly. This news appeared to be exactly what Percy had been expecting, and he sniffed disapprovingly again.

"Tragic!" he uttered in melodramatic tones. "Honestly, the spread of fear during the seventeenth century in America has completely destroyed any possibility of the coherent educational structure that's so common in Europe." It was clear that he was capable of continuing in this vein for quite some time, but Anya interrupted him.

"Oh, you're from Hogwarts!" Percy preened a little.

"Of course. That is, not any more. Left years ago. I work for the Ministry now, as I said." He looked at her curiously. "How do you know about Hogwarts?"

"Oh, I'm not a witch," Anya replied quickly. "There's nothing non-human about me. Perfectly human, yes sirree. I was born in Indiana. She's a witch," she added, pointing at Willow, as if Percy hadn't already noticed that small fact for himself.
Tags: buffy, fic, harry potter
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